Cleveland Entrepreneur Receives PuroClean Cares Award for Community Commitment

July 03, 2024

CLEVELAND, TN — Charles Atkins, owner of PuroClean in Cleveland, TN, was recently honored with the PuroClean Cares Award at the company’s Annual International Convention. Of nearly 500 franchise locations across North America, Atkins received the PuroClean Cares Award for his commitment to giving back to his community through not only his work in water, fire, mold, and biohazard restoration and remediation but also for his charitable participation within his community.

"I get many opportunities to be able to go and help, and I don’t get to do all of them, but this Appalachian Christians Project that we do - it’s our 25th anniversary this year. For the week of Thanksgiving, we all go. There’s usually about 25 of us, at our own expense, and we pay for everything; it’s all new clothes, new blankets, food,” Atkins said. “These communities that we go to in the Appalachian Mountains - they’re in desperate need of it, and we’re the ones that end up being blessed. I do a lot of missions, but I’m always the one that ends up blessed. Thank you.” 

Having spent over a decade in the construction sector, Atkins has extensive restoration and housing experience. In 2004, he ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing his own mold remediation and restoration company. After a decade, he seized the opportunity to broaden his scope by joining PuroClean, enabling him to undertake projects nationwide, serving both residential and commercial clients. Beyond his professional endeavors, Atkins’ dedication to disaster relief and ministry reflects his profoundly caring and honest nature, setting him apart as a genuinely compassionate individual. 

Over the past five years, Atkins has been recognized with numerous distinguished accolades for his outstanding contributions. He has been a member of the President's Circle four times, a testament to his exceptional leadership and performance within the PuroClean franchise network. In 2020, Atkins also received the prestigious Rainmaker Award, further emphasizing his dedication and success in the industry. His commitment to excellence and service has not only elevated his own achievements but has also positively impacted the communities of Cleveland and surrounding areas through his philanthropic endeavors.

"The PuroClean Cares Award acknowledges Franchise Owners who exhibit a servant's heart, surpassing expectations not only in their local community but also through charitable acts and service,” said Steve White, the PuroClean President and COO. “Charles and his team exemplify true servant leadership, volunteering for missions and supporting various community initiatives throughout the Cleveland area, showcasing exceptional dedication and impact."

For more than 20 years, PuroClean has helped home and business owners with their restoration and remediation needs. With a network of more than 500 offices, PuroClean serves communities across the United States and Canada.

As a leading franchise concept, the PuroClean model is ideal for business entrepreneurs passionate about contributing to their communities during times of need or natural disasters. PuroClean Franchise Owners receive extensive training on proper remediation and restoration techniques through the PuroClean Academy, both hands-on and classroom-based, and are provided with pre-opening training courses to help prepare for the launch of their local PuroClean business. The company also offers marketing support to help its Franchise Owners reach success.

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PuroClean is a leading, world-class service brand for property water damage remediation, fire and smoke damage mitigation, mold removal, and biohazard clean-up services, working with both residential and commercial customers across the US and Canada. Founded in 2001, PuroClean is a diverse, fast-growing network of 500 North American franchise locations, each independently owned and operated. With a commitment to respond within two hours, the professionals at PuroClean are thoroughly screened, insured, and trained in utilizing the latest cutting-edge mitigation technology to complete the remediation task at hand.