Beef-a-Roo Makes Wisconsin Debut with Innovative Location Concept

May 04, 2023

ROCKFORD, IL Beef-a-Roo, a Midwest-based restaurant that offers fresh meals at an affordable price, is thrilled to announce the development of three new locations coming to Southern Wisconsin. The franchise plans to open three new restaurants located in Beloit, WI, Janesville, WI and Monroe, WI, through its new innovative modular container location concept. Responsible for Beef-a-Roo’s franchise rollout and growth, Next Brands, a family-owned strategic manager and growth accelerator of impactful food franchise brands, leading the inventive approach to spearhead rapid franchise expansion by using low-cost shipping containers to help quickly open a complete, fully operating restaurant locations and cutting development time by half.

With the new cutting-edge location concept, the multi-brand franchise can strategically grow at a faster rate, and franchisees can purchase their new locations for an all-in price of $200,000 and reduce the labor needed to only three to four employees. With the strategic design, the service time is reduced to 3½ to 5 minutes and helps with the processing time of preparing and keeping every ingredient fresh for guests. 

“We are excited about our continued growth and cannot wait to introduce new guests to Beef-a-Roo in Wisconsin,” said Austin Capoferi, President of Next Brands. “With the inventive modular locations it has helped us be more strategic in our growth and expand to new markets effectively. With the three new locations, it will offer guests a unique dining experience mixing the history of Beef-a-Roo with the cutting-edge modular restaurant.”

Next Brands has experienced restaurant leadership to enhance the brand’s operational efficiencies, optimize restaurant build-outs, and add more multi-channel experiences to connect with franchisees, customers and communities. Now primed for franchise expansion, Next Brands looks to open ten new Beef-a-Roo locations and launch Blenderz franchising opportunities nationwide while continue growing its multi-brand portfolio. To continue expanding its multi-brand presence across the U.S., Next Brands is actively seeking motivated franchise partners to ensure its company’s growth and success.

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About Beef-a-Roo

Beef-A-Roo is a 55-year-old quick-service restaurant brand dedicated to serving fresh handmade meals at an affordable price. The franchise is a family-owned franchise with 17 locations across the Midwest. The franchise offers a famously delicious menu including the classic roast beef, wraps, specialty sandwiches, burgers, chicken and turkey sandwiches, soups and salads, its iconic cheese fires smothered in liquid goal and a selection of heart-healthy foods. Over the past five decades, Beef-A-Roo has used long-standing methods and quality ingredients, hasn’t sacrificed its values, and treats staff and customers as “one of their own.” Beef-A-Roo is now seeking franchisees who believe in its commitment to customer experience and menu excellence to expand the brand into key markets across the Midwest and Southeast. For more information on franchising opportunities with Beef-A-Roo, visit

About Next Brands

Next Brands is a family-owned business founded by serial entrepreneur, Mitch Rosen. In 2008, as Mitch and his college roommate and business partner built a construction franchise brand to 200 units, two things happened – they learned a lot about franchising and realized all these locations needed lots of facility maintenance. They developed a facility maintenance business, which became SFV Services, a construction and project management company. SFV Services then formed Next Brands in 2021 to be a strategic manager and accelerator of franchise brands leveraging the countless lessons learned for more than a decade on how to properly franchise a business – the support, systems, and values needed in place to be successful. Next Brands offers multiple brand franchising opportunities in the quick service industry with Beef-a-Roo,  a famously delicious affordable beef and burger franchise, and Blenderz, a fun retro vibe acai and smoothie bar. Today, with a seasoned leadership team comprised of individuals with decades of experience in construction, business development, franchise development, franchise operations, and design, Next Brands aims to bring impact-focused food brands to more local communities. For more information, visit