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International Franchising

International Franchising 

Welcome to the International section of the IFA website. IFA has provided useful and reliable information on international franchising that is beneficial for both franchisors and franchisees. IFA s goal is to assist you with your international franchising initiatives by organizing all of the relevant information in one easy to use location on the web.

The International Toolkit is designed to be a core resource for IFA Members interested in international franchising.  At the heart of the Toolkit are webinar courses that comprise a curriculum in franchising across borders.

Country Profiles 

In this section we have provided country profiles including detailed economic information and overviews of important franchising laws for both established and emerging economies around the world.  


International Franchising Opportunities 

After you have finished researching the international markets, learning international expansion strategies and best practices, and understanding the basics of international franchising law, IFA provides numerous opportunities for franchising internationally.


International Franchising Articles 

We have also assembled select articles relevant to international franchising, discussing the challenges, identifying the obstacles, and leading you to solutions for expanding your franchise internationally. The region specific articles can also be found in the relevant Country Profiles.


US Commercial Service Market Reports 

The US Commercial Service has provided detailed Franchising Market Reports for most of the countries in the Western Hemisphere.


International Franchising Laws 

Getting the Deal Through and Law Business Research Ltd publishes Franchise with explanations of Franchising Laws in 33 jurisdictions worldwide.  For your convenience we have provided detailed information on franchising laws in ten popular international markets.


International Program Materials 

IFA has an abundance of international materials from past international conferences and expos that we have made available to provide more insight into the opportunities of expanding your franchise business internationally.


International Franchising: A Practitioner's Guide

This title, published in partnership with the International Bar Association, is a concise, practical guide for all those involved in planning and operating an international franchise programme, from in-house counsel to managing directors to those in private practice.


International Development Consultants

IFA provides a listing of suppliers that will assist you with your international franchise development. Click the link below and select "International Development Consultants."


International Event Calender 

IFA's International Calendar keeps you up-to-date on trade shows and expos worldwide to assist in targeting the markets important to you.


Resources & Research

We have provided you with resources on international government research and franchising associations worldwide which will assist you further with your international business developments.

Click here for information on Franchising Associations Worldwide. 

Click here for external links to Government Resources and Research. 

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