Next Cohorts: July 24 - September 3 & August 7 - September 17, 2023

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The IFA Foundations of Franchising is a mandatory six-week, instructor-led virtual bootcamp that delivers critical insights and practical knowledge around the fundamentals and core skills of franchise management. This six-week program is 100% online and can be completed in the comfort of your home or office, and at your own pace. Each week you will have a new course module that will include recorded video instruction/lectures and approximately 8-10 hours of assignments, coursework, and quizzes that can be completed at any time during the week at your pace.

  • IFA Member/Non-Member Rate: $2400
  • 52 Credits

As a required educational foundation for the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program, the CFE Bootcamp provides a solid business foundation specific to franchising that is beneficial to anyone in franchising, a franchisee, franchisor, or supplier.

Regardless of whether you’re just getting started as a franchisee or looking to expand an already growing enterprise, this Bootcamp, designed with the franchisor and franchisee in mind, will enrich your knowledge of the franchise model through courses in franchise law, human resources management, finance, strategic planning, and more.


Week 1 – Franchising Fundamentals: July 24 - 30, 2023

Week 2 – Navigating Franchise Law: July 31 - August 6, 2023

Week 3 – Buy and Grow Your Franchise: August 7 – 13, 2023

Week 4 – Franchise HR Infrastructure: August 14 - 20, 2023

Week 5 – Leading Franchise Teams: August 21 – 27, 2023

Week 6 – Building a Profitable Relationship with Your Franchisor: August 28 - September 3, 2023



Week 1 – Franchising Fundamentals: August 7– 13, 2023

Week 2 – Navigating Franchise Law: August 14 – 20, 2023

Week 3 – Buy and Grow Your Franchise: August 21 – 27, 2023

Week 4 – Franchise HR Infrastructure: August  28 – September 3, 2023

Week 5 – Leading Franchise Teams: September 4 – 10, 2023

Week 6 – Building a Profitable Relationship with Your Franchisor: September 11 – 27, 2023

Course Descriptions:

Franchising Fundamentals
Explore the fundamentals of franchising from the franchisee's point of view. Focus is on the evaluation of franchising opportunities, the legal aspects of franchising and the development of appropriate strategies for the successful planning, implementation and launching of a new franchise business.

Navigating Franchise Law
Gain exposure to the legal and regulatory concepts fundamental to franchising. Coverage focuses on contract and trademark issues in franchising, including: formation of franchise contracts; good faith performance, breach, termination, renewal and assignment; trademark creation, protection and infringement; remedies; and antitrust and trade secret disputes.

Buy and Grow Your Franchise
Gain exposure to the financial terms and considerations for becoming a franchisee and growing operations. Topics covered include evaluating funding sources, preparing financial statements, understanding unit economics and cash flow, tracking financials and developing a business plan.

Franchise HR Infrastructure
Understand the principles and practices of effective HR infrastructure design. Course will cover legal aspects of HR, creating job descriptions and setting pay levels, recruiting and hiring processes, onboarding and training programs, and retention initiatives.

Leading Franchise Teams
Learn strategies to drive high performance and keep top talent. Focus is on creating your own organizational culture, leveraging franchisor's training and development opportunities, creating development plans, building recognition programs and reducing turnover.

Building a Profitable Relationship with Your Franchisor
Identify and evaluate strategies for growing a franchise business, including multi-branding, cross-branding, acquisitions, new builds and/or market growth. Specific attention will be paid to franchisor Key Performance Indicators, securing capital, pitfalls to rapid growth, and succession planning.