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The Growth Coach

Veteran Discount Available
The Growth Coach is proud to offer a $2,000 discount to qualifying military personnel and veterans.
At The Growth Coach, you put your business acumen to work within a proven coaching system, guiding others toward their next level of success while achieving your own. Utilize your business experience and our strategic focusing process to help your clients achieve greater success and balance in their lives. No travel necessary! This is a rewarding business opportunity for those with a business background who want to help small business owners, managers and professionals make more money, work smarter, and enjoy richer lives.

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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Use Your Experience & Core Strengths to Build a Fulfilling, Profitable Business where you Coach Others
Utilize a proven coaching system and tap into a rapidly growing market while serving businesses in your community by launching your own Growth Coach today.

The business coaching industry is currently growing rapidly, seeing increases of $200 Million a year. In the US alone, there are over 28 Million small/medium-sized businesses ready to enlist the help of a sales and/or executive coach. If you’re ready to help your business community and take advantage of this exploding market, now is the time to make your move!

Once recognized as the #1 Business Coaching Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine, there is no better way to serve your business community than by owning your own Growth Coach Franchise. With a low initial investment, two huge markets (executive and sales coaching), countless revenue streams (sales, executive, seminars, one on one, and more)  a trusted name, and in-depth training from our Strategic team, anybody can succeed as a Growth Coach. – no experience necessary.

Though the opportunity is lucrative, Growth Coach is not just about the bottom line, it’s also about education and service. One word that Franchise owners often use to describe why they love being a Growth Coach is “passion.” Our GC owners are passionate about assisting business owners and sales professionals at all levels and, as a result, create connections that last a lifetime. Our desire to improve the lives of small business owners everywhere has led to a presence in over 140 markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Spain, India, and Australia with more international opportunities now available. In fact, prominent publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Starting Your Own Business, and The Wall Street Journal have recognized the life-changing coaching and guidance we bring to our clients.

Growth Coach

For many franchisees, it’s not just about the dollar. It’s about community and connection, forging a tremendous foundation for any business.

In addition to providing a quality service and world-class support- Growth Coach also gives all of its franchisees the opportunity to earn back their franchise fee via the ‘Winner’s Circle.’ In other words, if franchisees meet certain benchmarks, they will effectively pay $0 on their franchise fee. We want to give our franchisees the motivation and encouragement they wouldn’t find elsewhere, and the Winner’s Circle is our way of rewarding them for a job well done.

If you’re ready to serve your business community and are interested in cashing in on this huge market, go no further. Control your destiny, live your passion, and launch a Growth Coach Franchise today.

Why Growth Coach?

  • Two hot industries for one franchise fee - The Growth Coach uniquely provides both business and sales coaching, doubling your client and revenue potential.
  • Large, exclusive territories - Countless opportunities without competition from other coaches.
  • Unique System - Our coaching process is comprehensive and guaranteed to deliver results. No coaching experience is necessary. We identify owners by their core strengths and teach the rest.
  • Group Coaching - We are the world's largest provider of group coaching workshops, designed to maximize your earnings while providing the best peer groups to your clients.
  • Track Record of Success - 20+ years of coaching, 10+ years of franchising, serving thousands of clients each year.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities:

  • Sales Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Seminars / Group Coaching
  • Strategic Management Coaching
  • Remote Coaching
  • Business Valuation Training
  • Business Finance Training
  • And More.