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The Raceway Story: A Different Way of Doing Business. RaceWay operates as a Franchisor. Each of our locations are wholly owned by our parent company RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. RaceTrac owns the site, the building, and the gas facility. Franchisee income is driven by the profits earned from the inside sales of the store. RaceWay Franchisees are paid 1 cent per gallon fuel commission for every gallon of fuel pumped and it is truly a revenue center because RaceWay covers the credit card fees related to the fuel transaction. RaceWay's fuel volume on a PSPW basis is above the NACs average. RaceWay creates a compelling gasoline environment through low fuel price to drive consumers to the pump; the Franchisee's responsibility is to create a compelling inside offer to drive customers from the pump to purchase items inside the store. RaceWay collects rent and a flat royalty on the building, but collects no profits from inside store sales. This unique way of doing business allows you to run a multi-million dollar operation with a relatively low capital investment.

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