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Pet Wants is proud to offer a 10% discount to qualifying military personnel and veterans.
Pet Wants was founded in Cincinnati in 2010 to bring fresh, natural and convenient pet food to pet families. Their mission is to enhance the health, vitality and life of pets with high-quality food and honest advice from a Pet Nutrition Specialist on staff at each location. Pet Wants pet food is personally delivered to homes within weeks of being made, at the height of freshness. Their food doesn’t sit in warehouses and on store shelves for many months getting stale and losing nutritional value like it does for most mass-produced, national brands. Pet Wants’ private label pet food formulas are slow-cooked in small batches with fresh, natural ingredients and enhanced with vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced meal. Pet Wants only uses high-quality proteins and never uses added sugar, fillers, animal by-products, corn, wheat, soy or dyes. Pet Wants offers multiple blends of dog and cat food formulas as well as other products including; healing salve, calming balm, anti-itch spray, paw wax and more. Since 2015, Pet Wants has expanded into a national presence and grown to over 165 locations.

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What is Pet Wants?
  • Pet Wants provides exclusive, high-quality, fresh, and nutritious pet food delivered right to customers’ homes with our mobile business model.
  • Pet Wants also has a brick-and-mortar retail model which allows customers to see and learn about products in person.
  • Pet Wants franchisees have the option to choose which model they would like to invest in.  All retail locations include delivery operations.
  • Pet Wants owners also offer premium lines of additional pet products from carefully curated vendors as an additional source of revenue.

How does it make money?

Pet Wants’ franchise owners sell directly to pet owners through events, their online store, and eventually their retail storefront.  Pet owners purchase dog food, treats, and other supplies at strong gross margin.

Who is it for?

Successful Pet Wants’ franchise owners are driven to succeed and passionate about pets and helping pet owners.  Business management experience is a plus, but not required.  The desire to follow a proven system is the foundation for success.  No special knowledge of pet nutrition is required as this is provided as part of onboarding and training. 

What would you do as a franchisee?

Market and promote your business within your community, establishing yourself as an expert in pet health and nutrition.  Manage relationships with vendors, customers, and community partners to drive more awareness of the Pet Wants brand.  Create appealing visual merchandise displays at both events and in retail locations.  Mange key performance metrics to make business decisions.


​​​​Spending on pet food and supplies is at an all time high, bringing in over $124B in the US in 2022.  Food and treats alone accounted for $50B on that total.  This demand makes it a great time to invest in a Pet Wants franchise.

Nearly 100 Pet Wants franchise owners have invested in their future by becoming a Pet Wants franchisee.  By joining the Pet Wants system, you are entering into a partnership with a proven business system.   You become a small business owner, but you get big business support, training, marketing and technology.  Franchising provides small business owners the opportunity to launch a nationally recognized business without the hassle of needing to research every element of a start-up. 

Pet Wants franchise owners start with an event based business, providing an opportunity to create community connections and build a revenue stream.  After establishing a customer base, franchise owners begin the process of finding and building out their retail store front in a small footprint retail location.  The combination of community events, a retail store, and a strong e-commerce presence create the recipe for local success.

Why Pet Wants?

  • The People – Our franchise owner network of peers, the business coaches and operations support staff are a strong community. From on-boarding and business coaching, to marketing, technology and operational support, the Pet Wants support team is there to guide new and existing owners to success. 
  • Marketing Support & Operational Support – At Pet Wants, our franchisees are constantly surrounded by support from both our Marketing Department and our Operations Team. We provide national and local marketing assistance through digital marketing strategies, national publicity, and local lead generation support. Our operations team provides you with your own dedicated business coach to help guide you through all the details of owning a Pet Wants franchise.
  • Products – Pet Wants provides its owners with the highest quality, freshest custom-made pet foods and treats available, which are exclusive to the brand.  Our franchise owners also offer a carefully curated selection of other pet products including health-conscious pet salves, balms, and sprays.
  • Strategic Start – Pet Wants is part of Strategic Franchising Systems, which includes four other service-based brands including The Growth Coach. An added benefit to joining the Strategic Franchising family of brands is complimentary business and sales coaching from a member of The Growth Coach team. In addition to your dedicated Pet Wants coach, a Growth Coach will also be available to provide business strategy, sales coaching, and accountability for the first six months after launch. 

The Winner’s Circle – Franchise Fee Reimbursement Program!

The Winner’s Circle is an incentive-based program that allows new franchise owners the opportunity to gain full franchise fee reimbursement over the first few years of operations.  Franchise owners that enroll in the Winner’s Circle program will become eligible for annual payments based upon preset milestones.  This program truly incentives our new franchise owners to utilize all of their resources to reach their goals to reach the Winner’s Circle.

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“When customers hear about Pet Wants, they’re intrigued by the notion that the food is fresh. I think that the challenge we have is to convince people that fresh is the better way to go. A lot of consumers, they’re very unaware that they do have choices, that fresher food does make a difference.”

-Chuck Ryan, Pet Wants Chicago

“I love dogs and cats myself, and I thought, obviously, you want to enjoy what you do and believe in what you do. The more I researched Pet Wants, the more I decided it was something I should consider.”

-Tim Chapman, Pet Wants Minneapolis

“We feel like the business is extremely scalable, and that was one of the prerequisites of us getting into it. We wanted to scale to a large customer base and size because that’s important in any business.”

-Caonex Abreu, Pet Wants Miami