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Kumon Math & Reading Centers

Kumon is the world’s largest math and reading enrichment program and one of the most well-established, affordable franchises in the world. To help in your success, we offer up to $37,100 in incentives. When you open a Kumon Center, you aren’t tutoring kids through a short-term struggle, you are following a unique and proven method of learning that instills self-learning and develops top-notch students ready for lifelong success.
Kids can start as young as three and stay through completion of the program, mastering calculus and Shakespeare level reading, often working 2-3 levels above their grade. Kumon kids develop skills for success that parents love—focus, critical thinking, confidence, and grit.

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Kumon Math & Reading Centers
Build an emotionally and financially rewarding business

We’ve been Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 education franchise for more than two decades. Now, we’re their number six top franchise in the US, and with an investment amount starting at less than $65,000, we’re the most financially accessible in the top ten. With Kumon, you help kids catch up and get ahead. Because Kumon is not tutoring, kids often stay in the program for years, and parents often and enroll all their kids, giving you a financially stable and rewarding business.


What We Look For in Franchise Candidates

All applicants need a bachelor’s degree and either U.S. citizenship or a green card, in addition to meeting the liquidity requirements of $70,000 and net worth requirements of $150,000. Beyond that, we look for people who will make a full-time commitment to their business and who have a desire to develop relationships with families in their community and to see kids succeed, not just in math and reading, but in life.

Kumon was developed in 1954, in Japan, by a teacher named Toru Kumon, who wanted his son Takeshi to develop a love for learning. With short, incremental daily assignments that required mastery before proceeding, Takeshi progressed and his abilities improved significantly. Other parents noticed, wanted the same for their kids, and the Kumon Method was born. Today, Kumon has helped millions of children gain academic advantage and develop essential skills for success in 49 countries.