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World's leading commercial cleaning franchisor with more than 120 regional support offices in 10 countries. Headquartered in Addison, TX.

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Own Your Future: Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Franchise
Own a Jani-King commercial cleaning franchise! Low investment, high demand, proven system. Get FREE training & support. Be your own boss.

Entrepreneurs often discover unexpected opportunities in the commercial cleaning industry, consistently demanded by a wide range of companies. This need for cleaning services is constant, required daily or weekly, and continues year after year.

Choosing a franchise to invest in, entrepreneurs find that few sectors match the commercial cleaning industry's potential for sustained growth. With increasing populations and continuous infrastructural development, the demand for regular cleaning services in buildings is on the rise.

In 2024, Jani-King celebrates its 55th anniversary, having harnessed the vast potential within the commercial cleaning market. As a pivotal force in the industry, Jani-King has established itself as a global leader in the commercial cleaning franchise arena. With regional support offices across ten countries and a network of over 6,000 franchise owners worldwide, Jani-King exemplifies the thriving opportunities for entrepreneurs in the dynamic commercial cleaning sector.


Training and Support

At Jani-King, training excellence is fundamental to our franchisee support system. We commit to providing our franchisees with the essential tools for success, highlighted by our advanced training videos, programs, and manuals. This thorough training ensures franchisees are well-prepared to deliver exceptional service.

Our training covers a wide range of topics, from the latest cleaning techniques to strict safety protocols and customer service best practices. Engaging in Jani-King's training programs, franchisees not only acquire valuable knowledge but also develop the confidence needed to thrive in the competitive commercial cleaning and disinfecting market.

Opportunity and Growth

In today's world, where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, Jani-King stands out as the prime choice for aspiring entrepreneurs. We offer a commitment to excellence, extensive franchisee support, and a dedication to innovation. Embrace the chance to impact the commercial cleaning and disinfecting industry significantly and achieve your entrepreneurial aspirations.

Don't wait! Take charge of your future and unlock the potential of a successful commercial cleaning business. Contact Jani-King today and learn more about becoming a franchise owner. Together, we can redefine cleaning and disinfecting standards. Visit our website or call 1-800-JANIKING to start your journey towards business ownership and a bright future.