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INFINITY, beyond fitness

INFINITY is more than a health & wellness studio franchise; it's a solution to the pressing issues of obesity and poor health that have become an epidemic in our society.

The abundance of information available has overwhelmed individuals, leaving them unsure of how to apply it effectively to improve their well-being. The desire to become a healthier version of oneself is universal, but the question remains: how can we achieve it?

INFINITY has developed a unique approach that addresses the fundamental dimensions of well-being: training, nutrition, and recovery. By focusing on these key aspects, members of all fitness levels and backgrounds can transform their lives for the better.

Our journey has just begun with our Flagship studio in Miami, FL. We are committed to providing our members with exceptional results, ensuring that everyone who becomes a part of the community experiences positive and lasting changes in their lives.

We care and we do it with love!

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The future of wellness is here. Proven model, support, growth, autonomy. Let’s grow together!

Unlock the explosive potential of Wellness! INFINITY has reimagined the boutique studio experience beyond fitness. Powered by neuroscience and technology, members access training, nutrition and recovery with one membership.   

The expert management team is proud to offer franchisees a business with a proven recurring cashless revenue model, multiple revenue streams, site selection guidance, architectural and construction blueprints, marketing, presale and grand opening support, and integrated systems. 

Owner-operator or semi-absentee models are available. Unique to our business, franchisees have the opportunity to build revenue streams while constructing their eco-friendly studio.

A key differentiator is the one of a kind personalized INFINITY plan and its proprietary technology.  A new plan is created for each member every 90 days so they have a clear path to reach their goals.  This is a first to market holistic approach fusing training, nutrition and recovery, but we keep it simple. 

Further revolutionizing the experience, the studio can be accessed for coach led group and self guided sessions. Nutritional guidance includes personalized macro guidance, grocery lists, tips and more. Recovery features include: infrared cocoon pod, compression therapy and zero gravity massage, among others. 


“We are in the business of changing lives. “ Diego Guimarães, INFINITY’s Founder.