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Green Home Solutions is a growing indoor air quality franchise with 200+ locations across the country, providing comprehensive indoor air assessments, remediation treatments and analysis services that don’t just cover the problem but resolve the problem at the source. Our disinfection services, mold remediation, odor removal, duct cleaning and Probiotic air purification solutions create a clean indoor air environment in homes and businesses.

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Green Home Solutions: The Indoor Air Quality Experts

At Green Home Solutions, we know that you need fast, effective and affordable indoor air quality solutions. Whether it’s your home or office, you want the air you breathe to be clean and odor free. Our indoor air quality solutions provide the proven service you need to be confident the work is done right the first time.

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Mold Remediation
We take a unique approach to mold remediation by specializing in using only plant-based enzymes to kill and breakdown mold spores. This allows us to successfully remediate mold from the home with little to no demolition of materials. Additionally, this gives Green Home Solutions the ability to treat contents in your home that would normally need to be disposed of.

Most other mold remediation companies utilize biocides to kill surface mold and still  require costly disposal of contaminated contents like furniture, mattresses and other personal items, as well as demolition & rebuild of affected walls, ceilings and other building materials.

Air Quality, Mold Testing and Inspection
If we see indications of mold or potential “Red Flags” in your home during an inspection, our next step in the remediation process is to take laboratory samples to confirm our visual observations. Performing Mold testing and inspection prior to performing mold remediation allows us to provide homeowners with a clear picture of the problem at hand. Through testing and inspection, we identify the source of the problem while also providing a baseline for post-mold remediation verification testing. Additionally, we provide preventive recommendations to help reduce potential future mold growth

Disinfection Services
We offer specialized indoor disinfection services, ideal for high traffic locations, which can often be completed in a single day. The combination of our EPA registered disinfectants and other cleaning products, plus our detailed cleaning protocols can treat a room or space against a wide spectrum of bacteria, germs, and viruses. This includes the latest pandemic threat, Coronavirus (COVID-19).