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Do you have experience in the restaurant, maintenance, or refrigeration equipment industry, or have experience in sales and marketing and want to own your own business? Here's your opportunity to become your own BOSS and build something that's all yours! Gasket Guy is the largest distributor and installer of commercial refrigeration gaskets in the US and Canada. You will be your own owner/operator, running your own business, with lots of support from our home office and experts who will have your back at every step.

Why sell and install gaskets? Commercial refrigeration gaskets need to be replaced anywhere from every 3 months to a year depending on use. Torn gaskets can be a big problem, they lead to health and safety violations as well as high utility bills. The amount of refrigeration units in your market is mind boggling when you think of all the restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, hotels, hospitals etc. that use commercial kitchen equipment. If you have been a restaurant or kitchen manager then you may already be well aware of the need for gaskets.

Often, these customers use refrigeration repair companies that use OEM gaskets. These gaskets can be very expensive and can have a lead time of up to 4 weeks. Gasket Guy offers the customer a cost effective and faster alternative to this.

Why do customers choose Gasket Guy? Gasket Guys know gaskets so they are able to provide excellent service, speedy turnaround, and at a much better price than repair companies using OEM gaskets. Gaskets are made at our home office and shipped out within 24 hours so there's no need to deal with ridiculous lead times.

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