Tackling 2022: How Hand & Stone Leveraged Digital Marketing Innovation


By Mary Hanula, Senior Director of Marketing, Eulerity


headshotWithout question, Hand & Stone has rapidly established itself as one of the leading massage and facial service brands in the world. With over 500 locations across North America, the brand’s growth represented incredible success, but with aggressive expansion plans came a need for a strong digital marketing strategy. We asked Eric Haberacker, Social Media Director of Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, to hear firsthand about the strategies the brand used as they scaled:

What was one of the biggest marketing challenges you came across during the expansive growth of Hand & Stone?

Well we quickly realized we needed an automated workflow system to support our internal marketing agency and provide value to their organic social posts and paid advertising programs. We were overwhelmed with our approach to making organic and paid advertising work seamlessly and our brand was continuing to grow, which meant as we scaled, we had to consolidate. Our goal was to find something that was going to be incredibly intuitive for our franchisees and that would serve as a one stop shop for their digital marketing.

What did the brand utilize for digital marketing in the past?

In the past, we had originally used two separate platforms — Hootsuite for social media posting and Facebook Ad Manager for paid advertising. We needed to support hundreds of franchisees, and their system created significant work for both the franchisor and the franchisees. Working inside two platforms with different creative specifications, different ways to manage budgets, and different formats made it a very manual process, not to mention the other tasks they had to be on top of, such as billing and other administrative tasks.

What digital marketing innovations has the brand adopted this year?

We partnered with Eulerity after a comprehensive review of the marketplace. They provided an all-in-one platform that allowed us to consolidate our efforts and use just one system. Our marketing team is now able to run social campaigns, both paid and organic, for hundreds of franchise locations and feel confident that the system can support the brand as they grow. Eulerity provides an easy-to-use tool where our marketing team can easily create and distribute content. Our franchisees then have access to see what is being marketed for their specific location(s). Franchisees can even opt-into certain posts and ads. Eulerity’s marketing automation technology has saved our team countless hours of work and gives them the ability to distribute high-value content to our amazing franchisees — both through organic social media management and paid advertising at a local or national level, supporting various important brand initiatives. Their team has been incredibly responsive, has built custom product features for us, and we look to expand our relationship with Eulerity long-term.

Mary Hanula is the Senior Director of Marketing for Eulerity, the world’s leading marketing automation software. The company brings brands AI-optimized digital marketing, optimized ad spend, seamless ad creation, and automated ad deployment — all available on the first ever online advertising app. Eulerity prides itself on partnering with Fortune 500 companies and top franchise brands to revolutionize digital marketing and give business back to business owners. Learn more about Eulerity here