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2023 Toolkits

The 2023 digital archives for IFA's Toolkits.


The IFA’s Marketing, Development, & Technology Toolkit is
your complete guide to unleashing the potential of your brand.
Within this toolkit, you’ll find tried-and-true marketing strategies,
development and operational approaches that pave the way for
success, and groundbreaking technological innovations that fuel
exponential growth. The following pages showcase six esteemed
supplier member companies of the IFA, each offering invaluable
resources and insights. By fully harnessing and implementing
these offerings, you can enhance your company's efficiency and
bolster your business' bottom line. In the realm of your brand's
future, this toolkit is an absolute imperative—a must-read!

Revolutionize Your Digital Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation

Now, more than ever, you need an agile and effective business strategy to scale your company from a start-up to an industry giant. Any good business strategy needs an even better execution plan. With all the moving parts of strategy execution, from visioning and setting objectives and missions to resource allocation and ideating action plans, you must be efficient and expedient to gain ground and move fast. This is where marketing automation saves the day. Let’s explore how marketing automation elevates business strategies and provides overall benefit to a brand’s digital marketing campaign. 


Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade started popping up in local farmer’s markets in Oahu almost a decade ago; when a plant-based diet was not an everyday used term, vegans were looked at by the average American as being even more off-putting than vegetarians, and the idea of sustainability was barely uttered by big businesses or even small businesses, for that matter. Yet, there we were, a little stand with raw, fresh, locally sourced, all-natural ingredients making the best lemonade and acai bowls on the island. We used mason jars that customers could get their drinks in and then return for a discount on all future refills, which led to an eco-friendlier business model.