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Emerging Brands – COVID-19 Procedures, Support and Communications with Franchisees: What you should do to lead them

Franchisor members discussed the challenges and solutions their brands are encountering amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as financial relief options available to businesses in light of recent legislation. Panelists discussed the need for companies to establish and maintain a flow of accurate information and data from brands and government resources, including from state and CDC sources. The panelists also reviewed recent updates pertaining to rulemaking from the Department of Treasury on Paycheck Protection Program Loans (PPPL)
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Fitness and Health Industry in Times of Coronavirus

In the “Fitness and Health Industry in Times of Coronavirus” webinar, member leaders from Athletic Republic and Planet Fitness discussed the effects of COVID-19 on the fitness and gym space, franchisor-franchisee relations, and steps taken now and after the pandemic ends to communicate and retain members, and retain the customer experience. The panelists outlined the health and sanitation guidelines and differences for open versus closed locations, and emphasized important cost control strategies that they as franchisors are taking and recommending to guide and support franchisees through the economic turbulence.
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What Coronavirus Means for Franchise Brands

In the “What Coronavirus Means for Franchise Brands” webinar, IFA Immediate Past Chair David Barr, John Teza, and IFA Vice Chair Charlie Chase discussed their approaches as franchisors while they deal with scaling down operations, cash flow, brands health, and planning for the near term due to COVID-19. The panelists urged franchisors to carefully plan for the short-term realities and to remain nimble to respond to the needs of customers and consumers. The panelists recommended a planning framework that emphasized education, collaboration, and communication over and above how franchise brands would normally train and talk to their franchise systems and teams.
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Leading Through Change: Crisis Management and Building Your Brand at the Same Time

Former IFA leadership offered historical perspectives on times of crisis to chart a course through this period of COVID-19-related instability. The panelists stressed the need for positive culture aligned on common values of trust, open communication, and mutual support between franchisor and franchisee. The panelists also detailed the need for self-less leadership that puts the needs and priorities of others first, for relentless communication with stakeholders, and for empathy to those affected by the ongoing public health crisis.
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Franchisee Response to Coronavirus – First Steps & Planning

IFA Franchisee leaders Tamra Kennedy and Tom Baber provided valuable insight into COVID-19 response operations from a franchisee perspective during the “Franchisee Response to Coronavirus – First Steps & Planning” webinar. The panelists stressed the need for good communication within your franchise system, among franchisees, and between employer and employee. The panelists also underscored the franchisee-specific resources IFA would provide in coming days, as well as strategies to cope with liquidity stress and decreased revenue that franchisees are facing amid this public health crisis. IFA lobbyist Suzanne Beall updated participants on legislative strategy ahead of the “Phase 3” stimulus bill being negotiated in Congress, and IFA supplier member Justin Klein offered his guidance on how to ready an action plan with knowledge and resources gained from the provisions of franchise, lease, and development agreements.
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