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Frequently Asked Questions about FranPAC:

The Franchising Political Action Committee

Q. What is FranPAC?

A. FranPAC is IFA’s political action committee. FranPAC is essentially a bank account that contains personal contributions from IFA members.


Q. Why does IFA need FranPAC?

A. IFA needs FranPAC to compete with big labor, trial attorneys and other organizations that contribute millions of dollars annually to help elect candidates who support increased government regulation and laws that cause additional legal liability for small businesses.


Q. How does the new campaign finance reform law affect FranPAC?

A. The new campaign finance reform law makes it virtually impossible for IFA and other business organizations to help elect candidates without a well-funded political action committee. FranPAC will provide financial support to candidates who support a free enterprise legislative agenda that is pro-small business and pro-franchising.


Q. What kind of contributions can FranPAC accept?

A. By law, PAC’s can only accept personal contributions. Corporate contributions are illegal.


Q. What is a political action committee?

A. A political action committee is an account that gives trade and professional associations and labor organizations a way to pool the resources of their members to support candidates for federal elective office. Political action committees were authorized by federal law in the 1970’s and virtually all trade, professional and labor organizations have now created political action committees.


Q. Why can’t IFA just use its own money to provide financial support to candidates?

A. Federal law prohibits corporate contributions to candidates for the U.S. House and Senate. IFA cannot use membership dues or other IFA revenue to help support pro-franchising, pro-business candidates. Personal contributions to FranPAC create IFA’s only opportunity to provide financial support to candidates for the House and Senate.


Q. What kind of candidates does FranPAC support?

A. IFA and FranPAC support candidates who embrace a free enterprise, free market economy, a common-sense, limited approach to government regulation of small businesses, and a commitment to franchising and the small business community.


Q. Who decides which candidates to support?

A. The FranPAC Advisory Board, a volunteer leadership committee comprised of very dedicated and active IFA members, and IFA staff.


Q. How can FranPAC make a difference?

A. It takes millions of dollars to mount successful campaigns for election to the U.S. House and Senate, and FranPAC provides the franchise community with the ability to pool resources to help elect qualified, pro-business candidates to promote and protect the franchise community on Capitol Hill.


Q. How much can someone give to FranPAC?

A. Federal law permits individuals to contribute $5,000 each calendar year to FranPAC.


Q. How much should someone give to FranPAC?

A. How important is your business and your livelihood to you, your family, your employees and your community? If your business is important, you should contribute as much as possible to FranPAC.


Q. How often can one give?

A. One can contribute as often one wants, as long as one does not exceed the $5,000 contribution limit during any calendar year.


Q. How much of contributions are used on overhead?

A. Absolutely none. All FranPAC funds are used to support candidates. Administrative expenses are paid separately by the IFA’s funds.


Q. How do I make a contribution?

A. Contact Gabby Reed, IFA’s Manager of Political Affairs at (202)662-0798 or greed@franchise.org.

Supporting FranPAC ensures that IFA can help elect candidates who support franchising and free enterprise, expand IFA’s allies and supporters on Capitol Hill by building relationships with pro-business candidates, enhance the visibility of IFA and franchising on Capitol Hill, promote awareness of the IFA brand and membership, and educate Congress about the critical role of franchising in our economy.

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