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Diversity Institute


Diversity Institute Overview

The Diversity Institute is an outgrowth of work by IFA’s Minorities in Franchising Committee (MIF) and the IFA Educational Foundation to expand diversity education and communication within the IFA membership and to increase cooperation with other organizations working in the diversity arena.

The purpose of the Diversity Institute is to promote and foster diversityand inclusion within the franchising community. The Institute serves as the home for IFA and the Foundation’s diversity and minority programs – education, research, scholarships, and liaisons with other national organizations. The Institute provides information to assist IFA members in expanding their diversity recruitment and multi-cultural marketing efforts at all levels – franchisees, employees, suppliers, and consumers.

Diversity Institute Board

Areas of Focus

  • Research –Document best practices in diverse franchise recruitment, employee hiring and retention and supplier diversity; establish a baseline of participation by minorities and women in franchising.
  • Education – Help IFA members incorporate diversity into their systems and build on existing programs
  • Communications –Increase diversity communications within the IFA and to external audiences.
  • Fundraising and Resource Development – To support expanded diversity efforts.
    Franchise Development and Diversity Webinars 


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