WOMEN'S FRANCHISE NETWORK (WFN) WFN’s are local networks are designed to develop relationships with women franchising professionals and to address issues, share ideas and offer solutions related to franchising. The first network was launched in May, 2002 in Denver and now includes markets across the United States and Canada. Look for more networks to pop up across the country soon!

WFC GUIDELINES FOR ESTABLISHING A LOCAL NETWORK AVAILABLE The success of the Women's Franchise Network continues to grow, and we have taken “lessons learned” into consideration to revise and add to our Guidelines for Establishing a Local Network. This comprehensive manual provides in-depth information on how to set up your own local network, host your first meeting, and keep the energy level high at all your meetings throughout the course of the year. We’ve included ways for customizing your network to meet the needs of your particular market including sample budgets, sample agendas, ideas for topics of discussion, sample handouts, and more! If you are interested in starting a network in your area, please contact Jeanine Littrel at Jlittrel@Franchise.org to obtain your own copy of the Guidelines. Click here for more information on the Women's Franchise Committee.

Our current networks are listed below. Email our chairs Megan Center at Megan.Center@quarles.com and Patti Rother at prother@thenowmassage.com to find out more about joining or to start a network in your area.

Women’s Franchise Network Local Chairs
*indicates network still forming
**indicates new chairs needed


Atlanta, GA

Baltimore/Howard County, MD



Cleveland/Columbus, OH




South Florida



New York/New Jersey

Orange County, California

Philadelphia, PA

San Francisco, CA*

Salt Lake City

Seattle, WA

Southeast Michigan


Twin Cities/Minneapolis


Waco, TX**

Washington, DC/Baltimore