Social Sector Franchising

Social-Sector Franchising Task Force

Michael Seid

When a franchise system is well designed, structured and managed, it has an unparalleled capability to deliver products and services consistently, sustainably and at a lower cost of operations than other methods of product and service distribution.  Commercial franchising has been used extensively throughout the world including in many BOP countries where it has created economic opportunities for business owners, jobs, and  ancillary business development in the communities they serve. 

There are now many Social Franchisors throughout the emerging markets and the community is growing. Some of them have recently joined the IFA and we have begun to work together.  This is an important initiative and one which we know you will benefit from participating in.

The International Franchise Association Board of Directors would like to invite you to join the Social Sector Franchising Task Force to you.  By joining the IFA and working with us, we can explore ways we can leverage our association and its members to improve the performance of social franchisors, other NGOs and look at ways to maximize the performance of the donor's resources.

One of the ways you can get involved is by joining the Social Sector Task Force. If you're interested in joining us to make a difference, please find the application here.

Commercial Franchising has an enormous track record of performance.  Working together we can explore how techniques used by commercial franchisors can be modified and adapted to help Social Sector franchisors and other NGOs serve the citizens at the Base of the Pyramid better.

Michael Seid, Chief Concept Officer, CFWshops Franchise System

Managing Director, MSA Worldwide Chairman Social Sector Franchising Task Force Member of the Board of Directors, International Franchise Association