Not just Qualified: Certified

The mission of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives™ (ICFE) is to certify and educate individuals and organizations to the highest standards. We are a leading resource to help franchise executives, managers and small business owners accelerate individual and organizational growth.

Certification speaks to a higher standard of professionalism and raises the bar for franchise training as a whole.

What is the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program?

Participants in the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program will complete an impressive array of course offerings in franchise management, leadership, and small business in order to gain insights into franchise strategy and operations. This program will help individuals at emerging organizations learn how to run a small business while helping more established leaders understand how to successfully cultivate a growing enterprise.

Benefits of the Certified Franchise Executive program

Industry Recognition and Professional Standing: A symbol of leadership and accomplishment, the CFE designation is highly regarded and will raise your profile within the franchising community by demonstrating your years of experience, commitment to growth, and a desire to continually meet challenges. 

Peer Networking: The CFE Program combined with IFA events creates rich opportunities for you to network with industry professionals. Everyone wins when we share ideas and best practices.

Commitment to Franchising: The CFE designation will exemplify your commitment and passion for franchise management within the larger franchising community.

Personal Skills: The CFE program will help you learn the latest trends in order to stay competitive, build your personal brand and network, while honing the franchise management skills you need to succeed.


Please note: IFA headquarter employees are operating via telework for the time being. All CFE applications, recertification applications or other mail should be sent via email to or submitted online through the links at the bottom of this page, rather than mailed to the IFA office.


Apply Today to Become a Certified Franchise Executive 

The next step to a successful career starts now. Apply, enroll, and gain CFE certification by accumulating experience, participation, and education credits in areas that interest you and pertain to your goals.

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Currently Enrolled and Looking for Assistance?

Are you a current candidate looking for an update on how many credits you have or need towards graduation, or want to submit a certificate of a course you recently completed? Follow the links below.

Active CFE Holders - FAQs

What are the requirements for CFE recertification?

How do I view my credits towards recertification?

How do I submit my recertification?

How can I stay involved once I've earned my CFE?

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