Will You Be Part of the Great Resignation?

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A new poll from Prudential, entitled the “Pulse of the American Worker Survey”, and a recent report from Microsoft, “The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work—Are We Ready?” both paint a bleak picture for the management of North American companies. To put it bluntly, the workforce isn’t interested in coming back to their old jobs. This sentiment, revealed in a growing number of articles, surveys, polls and online forums, has coalesced into a mantra, The Great Resignation.

FranNet, North America’s leading franchised consulting firm, has been working with individuals for over 30 years to help them find the next step in their career. FranNet CEO, Jania Bailey, said, “We’re clearly dealing with an unprecedented environment. The pandemic has caused a crisis of burnout and pushed millions of people to reconsider what fulfills them at work. They’ve begun to learn a lesson we often preach at FranNet. Your future, and your potential, belongs to you. You do have choices, and if you aren’t happy in your current situation, you owe it to yourself to explore your options in full—especially if you’re considering an entrepreneurial path forward.”

While the global pandemic played a central and starring role in this dramatic shift in attitudes, a closer look at the individual factors for leaving the corporate world behind all have a defining similarity. We want more control over our lives and meaningful work-life balance.

Let’s look at a few takeaways from The Great Resignation and how an entrepreneurial mindset is finally getting the due it deserves…

A Meaningful Future

Over the past year and a half, we as individuals have done more reflecting on our futures than ever before. Why? Because we finally had the time. The pandemic was a reckoning point for a vast majority—especially those touched by the tragedy in the form of losing a loved one or job. People were no longer daydreaming out the office window. They were legitimately asking, “Is this the future I want?” The fact that most want a more meaningful future and purpose is an encouraging development for our society.

A Place at the Table

Working for someone else has always been synonymous with doing their bidding. Your boss controlled the hours you worked, where you worked, and what tasks they chose to assign you. The pandemic forced them to give up control of these factors. When productivity didn’t suffer—and in many cases actually increased—there was no going back to that one-way street. The workforce expected concessions in the form of flexibility, pay, and working conditions. And they’re willing to walk if they don’t get it. This has been a shockingly sudden and dramatic shift in the power dynamic between employee and employer.


The pandemic forced society to spend more time with families, as we socially distanced ourselves from others. But it turns out, many of us were aching to spend that time with our children and immediate family members. Being on the same timetable and schedule as the rest of the family unit brought us closer together—to say nothing of what it did for our pets! We’ve realized the importance of discovering what’s really important. In doing so, we pledged to correct our priorities for the better.

So, what’s next? It’s no surprise that those willing to follow through on their threat to leave the corporate world behind often choose an entrepreneurial path. Many are discovering, for the first time ever, just how much opportunity and options are before them. And business ownership through franchising, which follows a proven business model to achieve success, has become an attractive option. Coupled with the support of the franchise brand and other franchisees in the family, candidates are investigating the thousands of concepts to find a perfect match for business ownership of their own.

If you’re open to reevaluating your circumstances and are willing to consider a future where you control the narrative, let FranNet lead you to an opportunity that exceeds your expectations. All of our services are always no-cost and no-obligation. With consultants serving every major market in North America, there’s a FranNet representative near you, who also lives and works in your territory. Visit FranNet.com to find out more and contact your local FranNet consultant.