Why Air Purification Franchises Will Continue to Grow Beyond COVID-19

Air Quality Franchise

Air quality has never been a bigger business than during the COVID pandemic. As businesses and commercial spaces adapt their environments to follow state-mandated protocols, HVAC franchises are leading the way to ensure customer and employee safety and represent an excellent franchise investment in 2021 and beyond. According to MarketWatch, the global HVAC market was expected to realize a 6 percent CAGR even before the pandemic, with revenue increasing from $91.3 billion in 2018 to $173 billion by 2024 

Green Home Solutions, an indoor air quality franchise, has taken extensive measures in response to COVID-19. Green Home Solutions offers specialized indoor EPA-registered disinfection services, a “dry fog” hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant service used by hospitals and airlines, and even a probiotic air purification system that keeps your air quality fresh and properly circulating. The demand for these services has helped Green Home Solutions be recognized in Entrepeneur's 2020 Franchise 500 list as a Top Growth Franchise. With more than 200 locations nationwide, Green Home Solutions saw an increase of over 30 franchise agreements and is projected to surpass 50 in 2021. 

AdvantaClean, a sanitation franchise, uses a similar high-grade EPA-registered “dry fog” disinfectant for COVID-19 related sanitization, and also offers HEPA vacuum services. HEPA filters are air filters that can remove at least 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles, and are used by commercial airlines as well as hospitals. Advanta clean was also recognized in Entrepeneur’s 2020 Franchise 500 list. Today, more than 230 AdvantaClean franchises operate in 33 states. 

Additionally, HVAC service franchises like Aire Serv and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning report that demand has increased significantly for more modern air filtration systems. With more awareness paid to indoor air quality in the wake of COVID-19, expensive filtration systems are becoming more cost-competitive even in residential installations. It is likely this trend will continue after COVID-19, with the threat of future airborne pandemics a reality according to scientists and health experts enough to make air filtration a top priority in the future. 

Here are four air filtration and HVAC franchises poised for growth in 2021 and beyond: