Use a Tax Refund to Start a Franchise for Less than $1,000 Down

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Consumers may find themselves with an unexpected windfall when tax refunds start rolling in. While most will add to their retirement savings plan or splurge on a vacation or the latest technology gadget, another option is to reinvest in one’s future. How? By using the money to fund an encore career or side hustle in franchising.  


While many people think a franchise costs hundreds of thousands of dollars with significant overhead expenses, franchises exist that cost less than $10,000. One such example is Dream Vacations, a low-cost, home-based, travel agency franchise with little overhead and tremendous reward potential. In 2017, the IRS refunded approximately $324 billion back to taxpayers, and the average individual tax refund was $2,895. In fact, one can become a travel agent with as little as $3,500 down and financing available. If the average refund stays consistent this year, one can start their own travel agency business for less than $1,000 if they use their tax refund as seed money. Plus, experienced travel agents with a book of business can open a Dream Vacations franchise for as little as $495, and use the leftover refund on additional expenses affiliated with opening a new business.


Opening a travel agency franchise appeals to people from all industry backgrounds and with varying degrees of experiences. Baby boomers who are ready to retire but want to stay active and earn supplemental income are attracted to owning a home-based travel agency franchise, as are millennials who want a side hustle that gives them additional income so they can quench their wanderlust and travel the world at a discount. Dream Vacations franchise owners can operate their business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and have access to marketing and lead generation programs; online and in-person continuing education and engagement opportunities; a support services team dedicated to resolving all issues; exclusive access to elite product and service offerings; and cutting-edge technology that includes customized desktop and mobile websites, a live booking engine, professional group registration websites and more.


Using a tax refund to finance the start-up costs of a home-based travel franchise can also lead to additional tax deductions in the future. Benefits include the potential ability to expense the cost of equipment purchases, business travel, certain educational expenses and claiming a home office deduction. 


Dream Vacations seeks individuals who are passionate about travel, helping others and are eager to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves. For more information on turning a tax refund into a travel franchise opportunity, please visit or call 888-249-8235.