Top performing investments that are often overlooked

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When beginning their journey into franchising and researching available opportunities, child services are often overlooked and in particular daycare franchises. Assumptions of difficulty, lack of experience, or initial cost can keep qualified entrepreneurs away from high performing investments. 

During the pandemic the franchising industry shifted significantly toward service-based franchises and one brand in particular that emerged as one of the top 50 growing franchises was Tierra Entantada, a Spanish Immersion Daycare concept. We connected with the Founder and CEO of Tierra Encantada, Kristen Denzer, to find out more about how she started the company and grew it to one of the top performing franchises in the industry in less than 10 years. 

“When I started Tierra Encantada in 2013, my vision was a warm and welcoming community  that parents would be excited to share with their children. I started off knowing nothing about childcare, but I knew that if I wasn't able to find what I wanted for my own children, there had to be other parents looking for the same thing. As we established more and more centers to meet the needs of families we saw the growing opportunity to be the leaders in this space. So, in 2019, we opened the Tierra Encantada model to other entrepreneurs, and our growth has taken off since then.”

Why TIerra Encantada?

“From nutritious, organic meals that would expand children’s palates, to a language- immersed environment that would develop global citizens. It’s exciting to be a part of a business that you can truly feel proud of. With our comprehensive curriculum, expert franchise support, and a recurring revenue business model, Tierra Encantada means a bright future for you and your young customers.” 

Record Growth and Profitability

With child care revenue projections of $53 Billion and more than half of working parents seeking center based care, early childhood education is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. “...The demand for quality childcare has continued to grow, many of our centers are experiencing waitlists that are months to sometimes years-long to enroll. I’m excited to share that our sales in 2021 climbed to an average of over $2.4 Million with an average net operating income of over $617k per location.” 

Meeting the demands of Today's families

“I think our families choose us, because they truly want to share the gift of dual language with their kids. Citing trust, diversity and socially conscious programming, as deciding factors in their purchases, families are seeking brands and organizations that reflect their values. Tierra Encantada embodies this demand, and is a recession proof model. Quality care and education is a must for our next generation.” 

Opportunities for Franchising

Tierra Encantada is looking to partner with those interested in expanding their existing business  portfolio or are just getting started in franchising and have a passion for excellence, and fostering community. To learn more about how their team of experts can support you and your growth, visit them at and learn how you can be a part of this growing brand.