Thomas Morstead’s Touchdown in Franchising

CEO, CFO, and Thomas Morstead

By Mary Hanula

What does it mean to be an athlete in franchising? For New Orleans Saints punter Thomas Morstead, it means promoting a brand that you believe in. Morstead has always kept nutrition and wellness at the top of his priorities and becoming a minority owner with Main Squeeze Juice Company is his next big move.

Morstead quickly became a fan of Main Squeeze Juice Company, a smoothie and juice bar, when the first location opened only five minutes away from his home in New Orleans. He decided to go try it, then kept going and soon enough it was a staple of his weekly routine. The connection and transition into franchising was organic. He met with the owner and later with the CEO for lunches, but never considered anything. “I don’t think they were looking to take on any fundraising at the time, and I wasn’t looking to invest, but as the conversation kept going it was clear that both sides saw value in joining together.”

Flash forward to September 2019, and Morstead’s partnership with Main Squeeze is flourishing. Morstead shares how he has a role and commitment that he feels is more than worthy of the time invested. Relaying more on why he chose Main Squeeze, Morstead said, “Health and wellness is extremely important to me. With my wife, the way we raise our kids, it just felt like synergy, and just made sense.”

As he embraces his new role as minority owner for Main Squeeze Juice Company, Morstead is seeing the widespread reach he can help the brand achieve. What was once his favorite juice spot is now the favorite of many. One of the most recent achievements of Main Squeeze Juice Company was two of their stores shattering their records. Two tickets were given away for a Saints game with the package also including a gift card to Main Squeeze. With the first of many initiatives starting, the attention that the franchise has been gaining is hard to miss.

When asked what advice he would give someone who is considering going into franchising, Morstead says, “You just need to figure out what you want. I wanted to be part of something that could grow and that I believed is of value for the people that follow me.” He believes that people should always check in on themselves and ask why they are doing what they are doing – “If they have an honest answer, then they’re doing something right.” He also shared that having a competitive side is a positive when it comes to the franchise business.

When it all comes down to it, Morstead shared the main reason he got into franchising, saying, “If you can add some type of values to people’s lives, then it feels like a win all aro

Morstead with his kids