The Secret To Improved Franchise Sales KPI's Is Staring You In The Face

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All business is local, especially for franchise sales. Your franchise sales representatives are the face of your company in the field, building relationships with potential local owners. They represent your company in email, but where are they in your advertising? Featuring your sales representatives in your advertising has proven benefits for their sales productivity and your brand. When you run those ads directly to individuals from your CRM, your sales teams start building relationships with prospects earlier in the process. This strategy has driven double digit lifts throughout the sales cycle by humanizing and personalizing digital advertising, and the entire service is automated.

Show Your Brand’s Human Side

Humanizing your advertising allows potential franchisees to connect with your brand and sales representatives and fosters a sense of trust. By putting your sales representative’s face on your ad, it also helps franchisees connect with them as individuals. And your advertising will be more effective. Studies show that 92% of ads featuring a person’s face attracted more attention than ads without, making it 11x more likely that someone will click on that ad. This is the science behind Adwerx’s FaceForward™ advertising methodology that puts a person’s name and face on every digital brand ad. Because people buy from people.

Reach Individuals Directly From Your CRM

Imagine a prospective franchisee casually but continuously seeing ads with your sales representative’s face and your franchise’s branding while they’re browsing the internet and social media. When they receive an email or phone call from your sales representative, they’re going to feel like they know them already. This is at the core of Customer Relationship AdvertisingTM (CRATM) from Adwerx. You can target individuals from your CRM with ads personalized to your sales representatives, and the best part is your ad campaigns are automatically updated if representatives are added or removed.

Increase ROI On Your Advertising Dollars

Not only are your ads more effective with your sales teams’ faces on them and when they’re hyper-targeted to individuals in your CRM, your ad spending also becomes more effective. The Adwerx Automation Platform is proven to increase sales productivity 15% by featuring your sales producers, simplifying marketing and managing it for businesses. Businesses who advertise for their sales producers using CRATM see an improvement in key performance indicators across the sales process:

  • +29% Lift in demos booked
  • +20% Increase in show rate
  • +25% Higher close rate

Precision targeted and highly effective advertising means your marketing dollars go farther.

Work With Digital Advertising Experts

Franchise sales success relies on being able to connect with people. Reach and engage with potential franchisees and get better ROI from your advertising spend by using your digital resources to build that human connection. In today’s digital world, one-to-one advertising is easier than ever, and your ability to target prospective franchisees with personalized advertising increases their likelihood of engaging with your sales teams. You can create and run custom, personalized ads directly to individuals from your CRM with an automated process when you work with the digital advertising experts at Adwerx.