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The IFA Technology Toolkit is essential reading for your next strategy session. In this toolkit, we’ve highlighted different strategies surrounding technology that are sure to positively impact your company. The Toolkit features five IFA supplier companies, each offering key insights to help your brand grow and evolve.

Is Local Marketing Working? How to Measure Franchisee ROI Through Local Attribution

A recent study done by found that 57 percent of franchisors do not have effective systems in place to measure local marketing. Location3 examines why this is, and discusses how to find a local marketing attribution model that works best for your franchise, setting you up for success.

Location3 is the preferred digital partner of franchise brands, providing you with digital marketing strategies to successfully grow your revenue and customers.

Power is in the Data and the Numbers

Having access to clean, accurate data is essential for your franchise to operate more efficiently. ServiceTitan explores exactly how capturing that data can positively impact your franchise, and offers up several approaches you can take to do so.

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive business software designed to help companies streamline operations, boost revenue, and achieve growth.

How to Harness the Power of Localized Marketing

A study done by Forrester Consulting found that many find localized marketing to be valuable, but many don’t realize its full potential. SOCi examines the obstacles of localized marketing as well as tactics to overcome them, while also offering different approaches to help your franchise develop a localized marketing strategy that can be immensely beneficial to your franchise.

SOCi is an award winning all-in-one platform specifically built for “next-level”  multi-location marketers. Soci protects many brands and their reputations by strengthening their digital presence.

How to Transition Your Accounting Software

COVID-19 has forced many companies to adapt and make changes, one way or the other. Xero offers up different strategies to consider when making transitions, and how to ensure that your franchise gets the best possible outcome when shifting to something new.

Xero is a cloud accounting software that makes invoicing, billing, and e-payments easy, while also allowing you to have an accurate view of your franchise’s cash flow.

How to Build an SMS List for Effective Communication During COVID-19

Amid the ongoing pandemic, franchise businesses are continuing to make changes to the way they communicate. Clear, consistent communication is as important as ever, and texting with your customers is the most effective way to achieve that communication. In this white paper, Zipwhip discusses how to build an effective SMS list to reach your customers more effectively.

Zipwhip is the world’s leading business texting software and API provider. Zipwhip increases customer engagement and drive growth through texting on an existing landline, VolP, or toll-free phone number.