Take Control of the Customer Experience

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Business is all about control. But it’s not easy staying in control when you have to spend all day responding to clients.

Clients won’t wait

We’ve all had that feeling; you sit down ready to work, only to be interrupted by a phone call. It’s a frustrating feeling. Sometimes you just have to let it ring out and hope they call again.

But 64% of callers hang up if they cannot speak to a person within five minutes of calling a business. For your existing clients, a missed call means frustration and mayber a poor review. fBut missed calls also pose a serious risk to growth. If a new lead reaches out only to hit your voicemail, what’s the likelihood they’ll keep trying until they get an answer? (Clue: 80% of callers hang up when they reach voicemail.)

In other words, new leads won’t stick around if they can’t get a real person on the phone.

What if you answer every call?

The phone is still the most popular channel for contacting a business. It’s not just the benefit of getting new leads. 3 out of 4 small businesses rely on the telephone to create a personal rapport and solve customer problems.

The immediacy of the reply, the reassurance of hearing a real human voice, the familiarity of being recognised - all of these elements combine to make the telephone the most popular tool for businesses and consumers alike.

But how can you ensure you answer every call without, well, spending all day on the phone? Business owners spend, on average, 2.9 hours on calls every day. That’s over a third of the day just answering calls.

And that makes finding time to perform all the other daily tasks you need to run your business a whole lot harder. Something has to give.

Outsourcing without losing control

We understand - it’s not easy entrusting someone else with any part of your business. You worked hard to develop your brand and build relationships with your customers. How can anyone deliver the same personal service your clients have come to expect?

That’s why we give you total control over your plan. With AnswerConnect, you can:

  • Connect with your favourite CRMs and apps to receive call information in the channels you love.
  • Listen back call recordings and offer feedback to ensure our receptioinsts deliver responses exactly as you would.
  • Create your own scripts to give callers on-brand interactions every time.
  • Upgrade and downgrade your plan each month to adjust for call and chat volumes.

Our receptionists make sure your callers receive a warm response every time. More importantly, they deliver it in your company voice.

Take control of the customer experience and enjoy more time to connect with your clients.

Learn more today.