Stretching Franchisees into Financial Freedom

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Stretch Zone Founder Jorden Gold pioneered practitioner-assisted stretching in an effort to help his "Pop-Pop" regain lost mobility and comfort due to diabetes. This success led Jorden to develop his assisted stretching method, resulting in a complete proprietary system including the protocols, methodologies, and tools that encapsulate the original Stretch Zone Table® and patented Stretch Zone Stabilization System.


Far more than just a warm-up exercise, the Stretch Zone Method® takes stretching to an entirely new level. Routine professional stretching can have an incredible impact on overall health, while preventing injuries, increasing recovery, and enhancing everyday performance.


With locations across the United States, Stretch Zone provides exceptional service to anyone else who needs the health benefits professional stretching can give.


Founded in 2004, and backed by science, Stretch Zone built a solid foundation prior to franchising in 2015. Studios continue to grow across the United States with the 200th studio location opened in July 2022 and a goal to reach 300 locations by July 2023. International expansion has started, with current plans for openings in 2023