Social Media Makeover Advice: Josh Martin – Arbys

News Round-Up

Link: Social Media Makeover Advice: Josh Martin – Arbys

Here at the IFA, we always try to share best practices with our members on a variety of topics. Social media, and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with managing franchisor/franchisee relationships is one of great interest in the industry and comes up more frequently than most others these days. That's why it will be such a big focus of IFA's 2012 Convention in Orlando, both during the annual Technology Summit and in breakout sessions. 

On that note, here is an interview I came across with Josh Martin, the Manager of Social Media at Arby’s, and the franchisor's 2,542 franchised units and 1,162 company-owned units. In the interview, Josh shares his thoughts on overseeing all of Arby’s social media properties, which include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, and Tumblr.