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At the IFA 2020 annual convention David Barr, then Chairman of IFA, said it himself: with the estimated growth of the overall GDP 2020 contribution by the franchise community sitting at 4.6%, you’re definitely in the right business. Notwithstanding the panic and the oncoming economic issues due to our current state of emergency, the franchise community is and will continue to be, a strong driving force of the US economic structure.

Handling this national crisis can be extremely challenging and unnerving. Over the past few weeks, we have all received emails from various businesses and vendors we interact with daily, and even though they have been informative, are these emails alone effective enough to spread information about a business’ operation during a national emergency?

Because there is no definite end to our current situation, spreading useful information to your patrons and clients is a necessity. Direct mail marketing can be an effective way to break through the digital clutter that is social media and our email accounts. 

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Despite dramatic changes in marketing tactics fueled by an ever-expanding mix of media opportunities, print continues to be an effective piece of the marketing puzzle. According to studies published by the US Postal Service, 84% of millennials take the time to look through their mail[1]. This will give you a fighting chance to capture the attention of your clientele and spread word how they can continue to use your services during this trying time.

You do not need permission to send a direct mail campaign, and unlike email and text messaging marketing tactics, print can break through the digital clutter that has become just plain exhausting at times. Think about how many emails you receive daily and how many you pay attention to; a postcard in the mail, especially to younger generations, is often viewed as unique and garners more attention on average than an email. 64% of millennials would rather scan for useful info in the mail than email[1].

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Direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing channels, mainly because print is one of the only real, tangible ways for your brand to end up in the hands of your potential clients. At this moment, the issue may not be driving new leads to your locations but rather maintaining your public reputation for providing a safe and healthy environment for your staff to continue providing goods and services to their various locations. Whether you run a location-based franchise or a home services brand, assure clients that it’s safe to continue working with your business and notify them any changes to your service delivery. Sending a postcard with messaging about how you are helping to ensure your staff is healthy before coming to perform a service, changes to your hours of operation, or answering other general concerns people may have could be the reason your business continues to remain relevant during this global crisis. 

Xpressdocs has several measures in place to protect the health of our team, so we can continue to support you during these unprecedented times. As an official USPS Mail Service Provider and contractor to the Department of Defense, our operations are considered essential and are not affected by the various state and local government orders affecting the community at large.

We hope our service helps you work remote and support the critical need for social distancing. Stay safe.

[1] US Postal Service, Still Relevant: A Look at How Millennials Respond to Direct Mail, 2016.