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Paul Davis focuses on its vision of providing extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need. For more than 50 years, Paul Davis has restored residential and commercial properties damaged by fire, water, storms, mold, and other disasters and has offered cleaning services for biohazards like COVID-19. Paul Davis has more than 300 independently owned franchises in the US and Canada that employ or work with professionals certified in emergency mitigation, restoration and reconstruction.

Paul Davis is a one-stop-shop disaster mitigation and restoration company. With Paul Davis, there is no need to hire multiple contractors. Following disasters as divergent as hurricanes or COVID-19 outbreaks, Paul Davis offers mitigation and full restoration for both homes and businesses.

Paul Davis Role During the Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit hard, Paul Davis teams became extremely active; frequently called to help keep the public safe and to fight COVID-19 in workplaces and public buildings of all kinds. As one of the leaders in mitigation and restoration, Paul Davis already had many systems in place to fight against pathogens but amped up for the huge uptick in demand that came their way.

The company’s highly trained technicians employ a variety of proven cleaning methodologies to treat areas that may contain the virus. If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, the company follows its biohazard trauma protocol, which includes full-body personal protective equipment with respirators and very stringent operating, equipment handling, and debris disposal procedures. For those areas at unknown risk of virus contamination, technicians use multiple passes with ultra-low volume foggers to apply disinfectants. They also manually clean high-traffic surfaces like doorknobs, elevator and door access buttons, handrails, and horizontal surfaces. The company’s disinfectants are specifically selected for effectiveness against this type of virus.

As a way to give back, many offices provided complimentary preemptive cleaning services and application of disinfectant to first responders’ vehicles and facilities to help keep their communities safe. This service is an indication that Paul Davis offices live by the company’s vision of providing extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need.

Keeping Employees and Customers Safe

Additionally, the company has taken proactive steps to protect their employees and customers during the pandemic. A TouchLessService™ protocol has been put in place and it includes the use of masks, social distancing, and an application of disinfectant to equipment and highly touched surfaces every time Paul Davis personnel enters a home or business to assist on a property damage emergency. From commercial clients like Big Box stores to homeowners, Paul Davis clients have expressed their gratitude for taking the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Franchise Development-Quote from Mike Hopkins Sr.-Chief Operating Officer

Our training and launch team are the best in the industry. We have developed marketing strategies and tactics that our franchisees implement to increase brand awareness and market share. Through the skilled hard work of our franchisees, Paul Davis has the respect of the top insurance providers. Because of our “best in class” delivery, we have quality relationships with those providers and that equals ​more jobs for our franchisees.

As a result of the powerful systems and support, a highly respected brand, and larger than industry average businesses, our franchisees experience the benefit of becoming a Paul Davis franchisee ​both now, and when they decide it is time to sell.”

Need restoration services for your insureds? Paul Davis promises to be on-site within four hours of a call for help.

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Watch this video to learn how Paul Davis owners have lived their mission of providing extraordinary care while serving people in their time of need.