Passion to Profit: From Facebook group to Franchise Owner


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Jamie Margolis Ross, a Dream Vacations franchise owner, is an excellent example of how franchising can turn your passions into a lucrative business. With a deep enthusiasm for travel, Jamie took her highly engaged family travel Facebook community and transformed it into a successful business by purchasing a travel agency franchise.

Opening the franchise has been a game-changer for Jamie - Dream Vacations provided her with ongoing support, comprehensive training, and best-in-class marketing tools. Having these resources at her fingertips allows her to focus her efforts on promoting her business and selling family vacations.

Ross's love for travel blossomed after her first cruise in 2013, and she soon became a frequent cruiser with her husband and daughters. In 2017, after experiencing postpartum anxiety during her first trip with her daughter, Audrey, she saw how many cruise lines offer great resources for the youngest travelers, and for mothers with young children. Inspired by this experience, she created the Moms at Sea Facebook group, which has grown to over 65,000 members.

Ross's success with the Facebook group and passion for family travel led her to purchase a Dream Vacations franchise, launching her agency, Moms at Sea Travel, in August 2021. Her agency has since become her way of providing a resource for families seeking unforgettable vacations that suit their needs. Dream Vacations has provided Jamie with the tools, training, and support needed to operate her business successfully – and to provide the best possible experience for her clients.

Through Dream Vacations, Ross has also participated in exclusive travel agent events, which have provided her with firsthand experience from various cruise lines and destinations that she can share with her clients and Facebook group. Her active Facebook group has become a testament to her ability to build a loyal and engaged support network who have confidence in her to assist them in choosing the right trip based on their vacation desires.

Ross's dedication to building a community around her business is an inspiring example of how franchising can provide entrepreneurs with a competitive edge. Just as the Moms at Sea Facebook group has evolved to a community of over 65,000 people, the Dream Vacations network of support staff and fellow travel advisors became another extended family for Ross and her business.

"I feel like I have a team of experts behind me every step of the way. And the best part is, I've met so many amazing people who have become colleagues and friends," Ross said.

Ross's ambitions go beyond her individual success. She believes franchising is the perfect way for women to operate a business with the flexibility they need - and she is determined to help other women thrive in both travel and franchising.

"As a woman in the travel industry, I know how challenging it can be to balance work and family life," says Ross. "Every day, I wake up excited to help families plan their dream vacations. Whether it's a Caribbean cruise or a European adventure, I love helping my clients make unforgettable memories."

If you're someone with a passion for travel and a desire to balance work and family life, Jamie's story is an inspiration. Her success story with Dream Vacations and commitment to empowering other women are a testament to how franchising can provide the support, flexibility, and resources needed to turn your passion into a thriving business.

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