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Now more than ever commercial cleaning and disinfecting is at the forefront of global business.  Restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, stadiums and commercial properties of all types have moved the cleaning and disinfecting of their facility to the top of their list. These businesses now understand just how important the health of their building is in relation to the health of their employees and customers, and that’s great news for Jani-King.

For more than 50 years, Jani-King has led the commercial cleaning franchise industry through innovation and results. We’ve done this through a global network of 120 support offices and more than 7,500 franchisees. It’s our franchisees, the dedicated owner-operators of Jani-King, that keep our great company at the top of the industry year after year.

While Jani-King franchisees deliver quality service in the field, Jani-King’s corporate team continues to develop programs that support their business needs including training, operations and delivering more customers. Jani-King’s brand is already well-established and is recognized as a trusted name in the commercial cleaning and disinfecting industry.

In fact, Jani-King has more than 80 partnerships with professional and collegiate organizations such as the PGA of America, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Football team, Buffalo Bills, Texas Rangers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Charlotte Hornets, Phoenix Coyotes, University of Oregon, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma, University of Kansas and the list goes on and on. In addition to customer partnerships, Jani-King has established business relationships with many of the top equipment and chemical manufacturers in the world. Jani-King’s global reputation and buying power are second to none.

As a Jani-King franchisee, you’ll be a part of it all.  Not only are you a part of the Jani-King brand, you are a key service provider within the $100 billion commercial cleaning industry.  Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Jani-King has remained in full operation as an essential business. Our franchisees are counted on to deliver cleaning and disinfecting to other essential businesses.  When so many businesses were forced to shut down, Jani-King franchisees were given the green light to expand their service offerings to provide professional disinfecting applications. 

At Jani-King’s corporate headquarters and in regional support offices around the globe during the pandemic, Jani-King professionals committed themselves to building out additional training programs, securing spraying equipment and personal protective gear, and producing marketing materials including a national television campaign. There has never been more opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry and there is not a better, more well-prepared company than Jani-King with which to partner.

Now is your time. Cleaning and disinfecting are at the forefront of business, our services are in high-demand, and Jani-King has experience and support to help you reach your goals as a business owner.

Contact Jani-King today and discover the world of opportunity that is waiting for you.