Local Franchise Owners Visit Painting With a Twist in Detroit


As 2020 presidential candidates gathered in Detroit for the Democratic Debates, IFA wanted to celebrate the city’s amazing small business owners who are revitalizing their city. On July 31, Michelle Lewis and Donna Lewis, Detroit-based owners of Painting With A Twist, lead a discussion with other local business leaders to talk about the importance of diversity and small businesses in American communities.

Michelle Lewis and Donna Lewis opened their Painting With A Twist franchise in Detroit after seeing how the business contributed to New Orleans’ rebuilding post-Katrina. They discussed their story and heard from others at a roundtable discussion just steps away from Fox Theater. Participants focused on the economic revitalization of Detroit and how the city’s progress can be used as a guide to other communities. Local small business owners also told local and national politicians like Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI-5) what they hope to hear from presidential candidates as they develop policy positions.

“It is essential our presidential candidates understand the vital role that local franchises play in our communities,” said Michelle Lewis. “We have worked so hard to rebuild Detroit and take pride in the results we have witnessed first-hand because we are Detroit.” Highlighting what differentiates franchising from other business models, she noted that franchising gives you a template and a built-in network of support. Both her story and those of others at the roundtable showed the value of community when taking an entrepreneurial leap.

Franchises like Painting With A Twist are among the leaders in economic change and movement towards advancing cities like Detroit towards greater prosperity. It is important that small business owners and franchisers be a part of the conversation so when politicians are creating policy, those who are most affected have their voices heard. It’s people like Michelle and Donna Lewis that make IFA and the franchising business so special, because they can have a real impact on their community by encouraging others to pursue their passions. Now, years after opening their first PWAT, their business is flourishing and they are generating positive change that goes beyond painting and wine.