Leverage Your Franchise's Unique Selling Proposition with Google Ads

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It can be difficult to create a unique selling proposition (USP) for Google Ads to help your location stand out amidst a sea of competitors, especially within urban and suburban settings. Focusing your marketing efforts on a narrow band of potential customers within local audiences is easier than ever thanks to Google Ads, but franchise marketing strategies often prove a unique challenge. That's where your unique selling proposition comes in — it reflects the brand-level image of the parent company while also showcasing what your particular franchise business does best in one single sentence. You can do this yourself or work with a specialist agency like Lead to Conversion to smooth the process of developing top-notch keywords and facilitate the purchasing process of PPC ads.

Establish a Unique Selling Proposition for Your Franchise Business

Three major elements go into any unique selling proposition, whether it's for a franchise business with multiple locations in your local area or not. These include:

  • What the business does best
  • What its customers want
  • What competitors lack

By tailoring your unique selling proposition for Google Ads to these three factors, franchise businesses can highlight why new and existing customers with numerous options should choose you over your competition. For instance, if you own a fast-food restaurant in a busy area, you might note how your franchise business has the fastest drive-through speeds of any in the area or other key performance indicators in your pay-per-click (PPC) ads and digital marketing campaigns.

How to Leverage Your Franchise Business USP In Your Google Ads

Use your franchise brand's unique selling proposition in Google Ads to promote your business online and let potential customers know about your franchise location. More effective franchise marketing can naturally lead to higher profit margins, so you can measure success not only by online feedback but also by foot traffic at your physical location. These handy tips help you gain even more SEO power when you promote franchise pay-per-click ads on Google for more effective marketing efforts.

Highlight What Makes Your Business Model Unique Throughout Ad Copy

When creating your franchise Google Ads campaign as well as landing pages for your website, focus on your USP and the three elements that went into it. For example, if your franchise businesses have an exceptionally popular product, create content to target customers looking for that particular product. You might also craft your digital marketing strategy around speed, quality, or affordability, depending on ad copy approved by your main corporate office for your franchise business's online, direct mail, and email marketing. Also, you can use search results you find yourself to gain insight on what keywords to use when you start advertising with a pay-per-click service like Google Ads.

Provide Your Target Audience with a Customized Google Ads Experience

When creating franchise Google Ads, consider personalizing the experience by mentioning things pertinent to your location, such as sports teams. You might also drive more traffic to social media pages so you can better interact with specific audiences to see what attracts them to your brand in general and your business in particular. Be sure to create great content for them to consume and comment on, and keep contact forms ready so they can provide instant feedback to help you write effective PPC ads and better shape and optimize your digital marketing campaign performance going forward.

Use Your Brand Image to Create an Engaging Digital Marketing Strategy

Franchise businesses are often limited by their corporate office in terms of advertising, so there are certain things the franchisee must or must not include in their franchise marketing strategies. This doesn't, however, have to be negative. Leveraging what your brand does best helps generate interest in new franchises and gets them off on the right foot with new customers. Targeting searches to the brand itself lets you optimize your marketing efforts to achieve the best results. 

When you’re unsure about how to make the most of your brand image as a franchisee, contact a franchise digital marketing agency so that they can do the heavy lifting; they’ll create a strategic marketing plan and dynamic campaigns that get the best results.