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Interest in martial arts is at an all-time high; popular culture is inundated with examples of martial artists, leading new generations of people to martial arts for fitness and more structured ways to work out. Parents are turning to martial arts as a sport for kids, often with the goal of developing character and discipline while having fun.

Premier Martial Arts is one of the nation’s leading investment opportunities in this attractive market segment. We’re led by industry experts and martial artists Barry Van Over and Myles Baker, who have spent two decades developing high-performance systems to help more than 100 independent martial arts schools grow from struggling businesses to stable and successful enterprises.

“Owning a Premier Martial Arts is a life-changing adventure for our franchisees,” says Barry Van Over, CEO and Founder of Premier Martial Arts. “This business really makes a meaningful difference in their lives and the lives of their students. Our franchisees can feel proud of helping their students develop life skills that will dramatically improve their sense of self-worth, and they also benefit from the financial rewards of providing such an important service. Most importantly, our franchisees become empowered because their business is such a positive force in their communities.”

Since our founding more than 15 years ago, Premier Martial Arts has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs who are passionate about people’s well-being and character development find success as business owners in the wildly popular martial arts segment. We’re proud that our 200+ locations across the country are helping thousands of children stand up to bullying, become accountable for their actions, and learn life lessons that promote confidence, integrity, and respect.

Premier Martial Arts uses this experience — combined with a small-footprint martial arts school and a popular, standard curriculum — to make for an attractive, low-investment, and easy-to-operate martial arts school franchise.

Why Premier Martial Arts?

Premier Martial Arts is revolutionizing the martial arts industry. Our spaces are clean, bright, and beautiful. Premier Martial Arts studios are in high-end retail areas next to brands like Starbucks. Because of our insistence on high-end locations, Premier Martial Arts has developed a business model that has several competitive advantages:

  • Small footprint of 1,200 – 1,600 square feet
  • Small staff of one or two instructors per location
  • Low ongoing overhead
  • Contained classes to maximize space and foster community
  • Minimal to no weekend hours

“Our model is all about simplicity. We can run the entire facility with minimal staff, we can be super-efficient with our profit generators, and our small footprint allows us to be in the best shopping centers for a reasonable rate. Our small footprint also keeps overhead low and profit margins high. And most importantly, it’s a low-cost investment that is easy to scale up to multi-unit locations.”

“You can find martial arts schools all across the country, but when you visit a Premier Martial Arts school, it’s immediately different from anything else in the market,” says Myles Baker, VP of Operations for Premier Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Experience Not Required!

Traditionally, martial arts studios are opened and then managed by a martial arts instructor who seeks to share their individual knowledge of martial arts with the broader community. Though many times what they lack is expertise in business, marketing, customer service, customer retention, and the ability to sell their services to their community.

Our easy-to-follow business model is designed to place the day-to-day responsibilities of operating the studio on a well-trained, highly competent instructor who is given intensive training. The instructor is assigned a list of duties to fulfill throughout the day to benefit the franchise owner.

Take charge of your future and impact future generations today by franchising with Premier Martial Arts! Learn more at www. premiermartialartsfranchise.com.