Jani-King of Baton Rouge Franchise Owner Nearing $1M in Extra Work During Pandemic

Franchise Opportunities

Preparation provides opportunities for those ready for the challenge.  Jani-King Gulf Coast Franchise Owner Carey Ourso and his team have risen to the occasion in an incredible way while making a significant impact with customers along the Gulf Coast.  To date, Ourso Enterprises has disinfected over 263 buildings and over 500 hospital tents and they are showing no sign of slowing down as they have another 1500 more hospital tents to disinfect coming up. 

“By the end of June, I anticipate having provided approximately $1,000,000 in additional work since the start of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Ourso. “Nick Ourso has also been instrumental in helping to reach this milestone. He is responsible for 95% of the success we have had disinfecting hospital tents that were set up at the convention center.”

As a multi-unit Jani-King franchise owner, Ourso understood in the beginning that his franchises would have a superior infrastructure, scope and reach should the coronavirus pandemic impact his communities.  His footprint stretches from the Texas/Louisiana border to Panama City, Florida and allowed him tremendous reach to mobilize effectively.  And he did.  Ourso’s teams have disinfected office buildings, transit buses, medical facilities, banks, airports, government buildings, TV stations, restaurants, military bases, pharmacies, and stores of Fortune 50 retailers. 

Ourso has been successful because his teams were trained, educated, and prepared.  As COVID-19 gained momentum during the month of March, Ourso and his teams quickly assembled to develop a strategic game plan. He purchased additional equipment, PPE, CDC approved disinfectant and he told his teams to be prepared. In coordination with his local Jani-King regional offices, they started reading, educating themselves, and training team members on equipment while also dissecting the information pouring out of the CDC. Like many along the Gulf Coast, Ourso has seen a disaster or two during his time as a franchise owner. This challenge might look different, but he knew from experience that preparation matters. 

Jani-King franchisees are skilled in proper disinfecting applications including the use of electrostatic sprayers. They also follow recommended dwell times for the EPA registered chemicals they use and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when applying chemical. By using the right equipment and the right chemical in the right way, Jani-King franchisees ensure the effectiveness of the disinfecting applications. These are critical steps in keeping workplaces healthy and safe.

Additionally, it is important to know there is a major difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning only removes dirt and soil from surfaces, it does not protect you, employees, or customers from viruses. Disinfecting is the process of using EPA registered chemicals to kill viruses. The surface area must be cleaned before the disinfectant is applied and the chemical must remain wet on the surface for the appropriate contact time to be effective. Make sure your janitorial company is cleaning and disinfecting properly, otherwise you may be putting your people at risk.

As one of the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise companies, Jani-King is recognized as a leader in the industry.  Through its network of local support offices, Jani-King’s franchise owners provide cleaning and disinfecting services to hospitals, hotels, schools, offices, restaurants, venues, entertainment facilities, retail stores, industrial and manufacturing facilities, government buildings and more.  For more information about cleaning and disinfecting or how to become a franchisee, please visit www.janiking.com.