Is Your Web Presence On Par with Other Brands?

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Are you proud of what your business stands for? Yes? Well, you should be. You’ve worked hard to grow a franchise and be part of a great business. One of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make is not taking advantage of the web to promote your business. If your business has not expanded on a website or web platform, then there are some key things you should know. 

A full website is a highly attractive incentive for local franchisees, and can make a tremendous impact in terms of onboarding. Franchisors can also justify higher marketing fees, while reinforcing brand consistency, with better SEO and much lower support costs

The use of websites in franchising has definitely improved over time. Currently, 68.5% of top business service franchises provide an online presence to their franchisees. However, only around 2/3 of these 68.5% franchises, or about 45% of the total are providing more than one page of information about their business online. There are still over 50% of franchisees that could take the opportunity to expand their presence on the web. As an industry, business service franchises are already halfway there! More web production could lead to more outreach and better consumer relations. 


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The main goal is for franchisors to upgrade to multiple page listings. Single page listings provide little to no value in terms of organic lead generation. The more pages of information you have, the more comprehensive digital presence there is, with many forming to full websites.

Properly distributed websites offer an outlet for the most digitally capable franchisees to experiment with new marketing tactics in their territories. Franchisors and others franchisees can then benefit from generalizing these best practices once proven successful. All the while limiting experimentation risks to these trailblazers’ territories.    

And what should your web pages consist of? Content marketing is key to a successful digital strategy, to increase web traffic, qualified online leads, and customer loyalty. A stream of valuable content is the surest way to grow organic referencing in major search engines, optimize organic lead acquisition, and lower franchisee onboarding costs.

half of business service franchises don't post on their blog regularly

Just as your franchise interacts with customers in person, over the phone, through mail—why not have a website that takes it a few steps further? Consumers will be able to take in and share the information that is crucial for them. When your franchise information expands online, your franchise expands around the world.

In their exclusive Top Business Services Franchises Digital Marketing Report 2019SeoSamba franchise marketing specialists analyze the latest trends, strategies and challenges of digital marketing for franchising leaders of the B2B services market. 

You will find data collected from hundreds of global franchise websites as well as thousands of franchisees’ websites and webpages, as well as what features franchisors offer to their franchisees. These range from small amounts of information all the way to a full website on a unique domain with all the online marketing amenities one can expect from a top brand.

SeoSamba CEO Michel Leconte is a regular speaker at search engine marketing conferences around the world, including Search Engine Strategies London & New York. He is also a contributor to a number of publications, including Website Magazine and Feedfront Magazine. He enjoys strategy, coaching and motivating both customers and staff.