Insight and Advice For Social Media Outreach

Exclusive Insights

By Camp Bow Wow

As any social media user or dog lover would tell you, our social media feeds are constantly filled with videos, pictures and stories of dogs. In fact, at the time of publishing, there are over 235 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #dog. Camp Bow Wow is all about #dogs, and  this passion within our franchise is what helped us join the social media conversation. This blog aims to provide insight and advice for other businesses looking to do the same. 
Our annual marketing campaign, #GiveAFetch, promotes being a responsible pet parent and community member while celebrating the special things we do for our dogs. At Camp Bow Wow, we aim to educate pet parents about the benefits of doggy day care, and how it is a key element of responsible pet ownership. Doggy day care provides exercise, socialization and mental stimulation for our furry friends and improves their overall happiness and well-being. #GiveAFetch allows us to share that important message while recognizing the unique ways people care for their dogs.

This is just one of the many ways Camp Bow Wow uses social media to connect with current and prospective customers. Social media is a powerful tool for franchise businesses to nurture relationships with clients and reach new audiences in engaging ways. Consider these best practices as you plan out your social media strategy:

1. Share industry-related tips and resources to position your brand as the industry expert
2. Ask questions — be curious about your customers
3. Repost user generated content
4. Think local first — engage with other local businesses, events, etc.

We’ve been thrilled at the response from the dog-loving community, and are awestruck by the amazing things people do for their pups every day. From sewing a chewed up stuffed animal (again and again), to meal prepping, or buying a dozen of their dog’s favorite toy, pet parents across North America proved there’s nothing they won’t do for their dog. In 2018, over 6,000 pet parents participated. 
Make no bones about it, people love talking about their dogs both in-person and on social media. Through the powerful outreach and connection that social media brings, Camp Bow Wow has been able to connect with thousands of pet parents to learn how much they love their dog, and share how much we love our furry clients, too.

Think about what your business is passionate about and go from there. You never know who could be just as excited for it as you are!


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