How Unleashed Brands’ Franchise Partners Own the Kids Market

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One of the biggest draws to franchising is the proven business model. Starting a new business from scratch independently requires entrepreneurs to take on every step, where franchising means you have the guidance, experience and systems a franchisor can offer. Entrepreneurs can imagine their business and growth possibilities beyond one single business with this model.

At Unleashed Brands, we offer franchise partners a unique opportunity to become multi-brand owners all within the Unleashed system. Since November, approximately 25 franchise agreements have been signed by franchisees of one Unleashed Brand that eventually invested in another. This number is expected to grow materially as we progress into 2022.

While this is no small undertaking, if handled judiciously, franchisees stand to make a significant return on their investment—whether it's time, energy or money. And their investment in growing the next generation can go beyond one brand.

Choose Your Franchise Location Wisely

There are only so many locations to be opened with one brand before an area becomes saturated for franchisees that want to stay local. Therefore, taking on another brand is the ideal solution. When franchisees add a new brand, they can provide new opportunities for kids and families in their market while expanding their portfolio. 

At Unleashed Brands, franchisees can “Own the Kids” market through multi-brand ownership. This allows franchisees to impact more kids in their market than they would have with one brand alone. With multiple concepts and programs, the lifetime of their customer is extended beyond their initial business.

Franchise partners of each of the brands come to us wanting to provide for their communities while growing their business—and in fact, our franchise partners grow their business to provide. Our dual missions to invest in kids and impact communities are just a couple of the reasons franchise partners choose Unleashed Brands. 

Multi-Brand Franchisees Diversify Their Profit

Multi-brand franchisees benefit not only from reaping the benefits of owning multiple locations, like any multi-unit owner. Multi-brand owners stand to gain so much more than that by taking on a more diversified approach to business.

Our partners can take advantage of their existing knowledge of mom as our customer and the kid as the consumer. The ease of operating for our franchise partners has allowed us and our partners to innovate collaborations between brands that wouldn’t otherwise be possible outside our system: the first co-branded Snapology and The Little Gym will open this summer in Flower Mound, Tex. and the first Snapology classroom within an Urban Air location opened just this March.

Always Choose Brands You Believe In

It's essential to partner with brands that you believe in and are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to run any business. Franchising gives you a leg up to running a business independently, but it's no cakewalk. An investment in a brand as a franchisee is rarely ever purely financial.

It’s why our franchisees stick with Unleashed Brands’ franchises when they’re ready to expand. We provide support and a streamlined owner experience across brands. In turn, our franchisees bring their business savvy and dedication to childhood development and quality family experiences to our brands. It takes as much integrity as it does ambition to own and operate multiple brands, and our franchisees have it all in spades.

Expand Your Empire with Unleashed Brands

We understand the power of multi-brand franchising. It's why we built Unleashed Brands in the first place. One brand is great, but franchisees who can do two or more are well on their way to building a business empire and a legacy in their community.

As a multi-franchise brand, we intimately understand the challenges and gains of partnering and investing in more than one brand at a time. Franchisees with big dreams will be right at home with our franchisors.

Take a look at our brands (Urban Air Adventure Park, The Little Gym, Snapology, Premier Martial Arts) to get started on your path to multi-brand ownership.