How Owning a Dog Business Can Be an Amazing Investment

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Pet ownership is at an all-time high. Research shows us that owning pets is beneficial to your health and wellness. That’s why there may never be a better time to own a dog business.

The animal-health connection

Scientific evidence proves that owning a pet and spending time with animals makes people happier and healthier. Psychology Today reports that people who own pets have higher self-esteem, are less lonely and are more outgoing in social situations. As an added bonus, pet owners are more physically fit than people without furry family members.

Research also reveals healthcare practitioners are incorporating the health benefits of animals into their practices. In one program, scientists used dogs to help children who struggle with reading. They discovered that reading aloud to a dog can help children gain confidence, improve skills and reduce anxiety.

Owning a business that caters to pets means contributing not only to their health, but that of their human companions. And the ongoing interest in pet health and nutrition means people will continue to spend more  on premium pet food that brands like  Pet Wants are providing.

Pet ownership is up

If you’re a pet owner, you know how important your four-legged family member is to the overall well-being of the home, and more Americans are taking notice. The American Pet Products Association (APPA) annual National Pet Owners Survey reported 70% of U.S. households own a pet, with 14% of respondents adding a new pet during the pandemic. In addition, pet spending increased during the past year, with 35% of pet owners stating they spent more on their pet and pet supplies in the last 12 months than in the preceding year This includes food, wellness-related products and other pet care services.

Pet Wants, the nation’s leading pet food franchise, allows franchise owners to combine their passion for pets with a way to generate serious income. If your ideal day includes bringing your dog to work, taking a hike on the trails with your furry friend on your lunch break and stretching out on the sofa in the evening with your pet by your side, owning a Pet Wants franchise can help you live your healthiest and best life while growing a sustainable business in a booming industry.

Pet Wants  dog business caters to customers who understand the important role pets play in their lives. The trend of treating pets like family is gaining ground. As Americans make health and wellness a priority, they are increasingly aware of the food they feed their pets. In fact, 51% of pet owners are willing to pay more for ethically sourced pet products and eco-friendly pet products, the APPA reported.

A great investment for pet lovers

Here are three top reasons a Pet Wants franchise is a great investment for pet lovers:

  1. Educate your pet-owner community. Pet Wants allows you to give back to your furry friends while supporting their owners. The Pet Wants business model encourages franchise owners to educate their communities about the importance of high-quality pet food. As a Pet Wants franchise owner, you’ll build your customer base by educating customers about product lines and other pet wellness initiatives. A Pet Wants storefront is even designed with education top of mind. The premium pet food is served from a row of attractive, custom-manufactured hoppers behind a counter where customers can take a seat and learn more about the various options. Once pet owners understand the benefits of fresh food, they become loyal Pet Wants customers.
  2. Multiple business models. Pet Wants offers two business models: a full-blown retail pet store with a small footprint and affordable startup costs ranging from $123,850 to $202,000, and a mobile model with an initial investment of just $59,830 to $87,000.The mobile franchise is designed to take advantage of local farmer’s markets, dog shows and community events. Pet Wants has an exclusive franchise fee reimbursement program called the Winner’s Circle. 
  3. Training and support. You can start a Pet Wants with no industry-specific experience, aside from a love of pets and a passion for your community. All Pet Wantsfranchise owners attend a week-long training at the corporate headquarters, where they learn all about our products, management systems and support.  Networking and marketing  tactics are provided to new owners and kick-start their business and drive sales. 

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