How Goodcents Sets Up Franchisees for Successful Growth With The Right Partnerships

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As many can relate, the Goodcents franchise is supported by a small but mighty corporate team wearing a lot of different hats. Jami Bond, Vice President of Franchise Development for Goodcents, shares how she leverages business partnerships for marketing to help alleviate the load on her teams, add expertise to their strategies, and set the stage for future growth:

We are coming up to our 35th year in business and are still a growth brand. We need to be strategic with a small budget and staff on how we accomplish our goals of more visibility in the market so that we can continue to expand. To do so, we realized we needed to level up our external partnerships in the marketing space to garner better business advice, take pressure off our staff so they can focus on more important, strategic work, and provide better marketing services for our franchisees. After discovery and research, we found that SOCi as a CoMarketing Cloud partner, could help us alleviate our pain points, set better goals, and provide the expertise, tools, and integrations to help our franchisees and set us up for expansion by: 

  • Consolidation: Being able to respond to customers and see all of our digital marketing all in one spot, like Google Listings, social media, our local pages, and reviews inside of the SOCi platform, even from our phones on the go (because no one in the quick service restaurant business is ever sitting down), allows us to react quickly as issues arise and fix problems early.
  • Efficiency: Improve efficiencies utilizing AI with SOCi Genius Reviews: With only one person managing review responses but still wanting to hit a benchmark of responding within a few hours without losing personal touches, we did not have time for many personalizations in our responses. Using Genius Reviews is now more personal than responding to reviews one-on-one because our responses are tailored to individual reviews.  
  • Integrations: Use SOCi integrations with Olo and Punchh for online ordering and customer loyalty. These allow us to automatically synch location data, keep business information up-to-date, and gain visibility into Punchh reviews and ratings data, all inside the SOCi platform. Having one central spot to change restaurant hours and details now saves us a lot of time and internal heartbreak.
  • Actionable insights: Receive business insights and support necessary to track our consumer data and understand where we can improve. We hope to have staff for analytics in the future with the comarketing cloud being a huge part of that as we continue to be budget-conscious.
  • Consistent branding: As we implement our growth goals for the franchise, we partner with larger franchisees who have certain expectations of marketing. Having solid partners in place allows us to be up to speed to provide franchisees access to implement local social on their own to grow their local organic audiences, while still having brand approvals for our brand voice, look, and feel.

If you want to learn more about how leveraging SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud and SOCi Genius products can improve your team’s efficiency and add strategic digital marketing business expertise to successfully set your brand up for future growth, contact SOCi today.