How Franchises Can Increase Their Applicant Traffic


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There are currently a record 11 million job openings in the United States. We’re amid an industry-wide talent shortage. While it’s easy to chalk this up to the pandemic, many franchises (especially those in the hospitality industry), were struggling pre-pandemic—a 2016 report by The Caterer, for example, found 82% of hospitality professionals said it was harder to recruit qualified help than any time in the past. The rise of the gig economy, high turnover among entry-level and low-wage workers, wage debates, and the shrinking number of teens in the workforce are all driving franchise applicant traffic down.

Forward-thinking franchisees are using this time to rethink their recruiting strategies to ensure they increase their applicant traffic and keep their franchises fully staffed, even during these challenging times.

Tips for Increasing Franchise Applicant Traffic

Rethink Job Requirements

An analysis of more than 1 million job applicants found 20% quit their job applicant when asked to supply previous work experience. Is previous work experience relevant for your entry-level positions?

Make Your Applications Convenient

60% of job seekers quit applications due to length or complexity. Does your application have too many steps? You want to make the application process as easy as possible. Today’s candidates have options and will apply for convenient, efficient experiences.

Ensure Job Applications are Mobile-Friendly

75% of hourly job seekers search and apply for jobs via their phone. Applications must be mobile-friendly.

Advertise Jobs on Social Media

79% of job seekers use social media to search for jobs and 73% of job seekers 18-34 found their last position via social media.

Advertise Open Positions In-Store When Applicable.

What better way to find enthusiastic brand evangelists than your current customer base? Loyal customers make loyal employees.

Make Reviewing Applications Quickly a Best Practice

Job seekers typically apply to multiple positions in a single session. Your best candidates will be off the market fast, so you must move fast.

Take Advantage of Applicant Pooling

Look for franchise hiring software with applicant pooling: putting all applicants who’ve applied at a specific location into the running for positions at all locations the franchisee oversees.  

Franchise Hiring Software Can Help

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is recruiting software built to automate and streamline hiring. A private label applicant traffic system designed for franchises allows you to brand your solution, customize your workflows, or integrate them into your existing systems.


Good franchise hiring software can:

  • Streamline the hiring process.
  • Save time by keeping candidates organized.
  • Strengthen the job applicant experience.
  • Ensure your hiring process strengthens your brand.
  • Make it easy for franchisees with multiple locations to use one platform to keep their hiring organized.


Additionally, a good ATS can help organizations implement all the suggestions on this list and 86.1% of hiring managers say ATS use has increased the speed at which they hire.

A Franchise ATS Can Mean a Uniform Hiring Process

A centralized system at the franchisor level means a uniform hiring experience that strengthens the overall employee brand. Franchisees: share this solution with your franchisor, letting them know how a meaningful ATS can strengthen applicant traffic across their franchises. Good applicant tracking systems will also include joint employer liability protection as part of their implementation package.

Make HiringThing Your Franchise ATS

HiringThing’s centralized recruiting platform will help your franchisees increase their applicant tracking. Your franchisees can utilize centralized hiring with our suite of solutions without taking on joint employer liability. Schedule a demo today to talk to an expert about our private label hiring solutions.