From South Africa to South Florida: Our Journey to Becoming Executive Care Franchisees

Exclusive Insights

By Vikash and Vasi Salig, Executive Care

Eighteen years ago, Vikash and Vasi Salig’s lives were changed forever when their two sons were both diagnosed with autism. Aged one and three at the time, the parents made a pact to have an open mind and to do everything they could to ensure that their children were given the best opportunities possible. Being a physician and dentist whose lives already revolved around caring for people, they knew it would be difficult, but were ready and willing to take on the challenge.

Vikash and Vasi made the decision to uproot their family from their home and emigrate from South Africa because of the resources available for autistic children and their families in the United States. They researched Els for Autism, an organization with the sole purpose of improving lives of those who are different, and immediately knew they had to get involved. While it wasn’t easy to leave their home and jobs behind, the Saligs’ became a part of a community filled with families just like theirs — full of hope and looking for the best care for their children.

Being parents to children on the Autism spectrum has helped Vikash and Vasi understand the need for inclusivity. As their sons grew older, they realized that there was a societal stigma around caregiving for the disabled. Many people don’t see home care as something positive, when it’s really a service that liberates people who wouldn’t be able to be independent on their own.

They chose to become Executive Care franchisees to empower others in the community that have done so much for their family. They sought out a franchise that not only provides medical services to give people care in the comforts of their own home, but a business that also provides non-medical services.

“Sometimes all a person with a disability needs is companionship,” Vikash said. “The wide range of services makes the business inclusive to people with various backgrounds and conditions, giving us the potential to change the lives of many.”

Not only do they want to help the disabled, but their loved ones as well. Parents of children with disabilities are susceptible to burn out, anxiety, depression and divorce - all of which can derive from the stress and demands of giving care. Vikash and Vasi hope to help lift some of that weight off of parents’ shoulders as they know how hard it can be.

The couple never dreamt of becoming business owners in America, but their experience raising their family inspired them to make a difference in peoples’ lives, just like Els for Autism, made a difference in theirs.

“When looking for the best franchise for you, take a look at the things that are most important to you,” Vasi said. “We know our business will reach people because we were in their shoes. You have to do something that is going to fulfill you and make you feel good.”

Vikash and Vasi Salig are Executive Care franchisees with two locations opening up in the Palm Beach, Florida area in 2020. Their two sons, both diagnosed with autism, have inspired them to open a business in home care to empower people with disabilities. Find out more about Executive Care here