From Engineering to Exploration: The Inspiring Voyage of Ariel Chavez

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Ariel Chavez's journey with Cruise Planners began not on the high seas, but amidst the structured world of civil engineering. Hailing from Bolivia, Ariel's adventurous spirit and desire for a more fulfilling career steered him towards the travel industry. His quest for a balance between a rewarding career and his love for exploration led him to Cruise Planners, where he found the perfect amalgamation of passion and profession.

Transitioning from civil engineering to owning a Cruise Planners franchise, Ariel faced initial challenges but soon found his footing. His success with New Frontier, specializing in luxury river cruises, is a testament not only to his dedication but also to the comprehensive support he received from Cruise Planners. From marketing strategies to technical assistance and community networking, Cruise Planners provided Ariel with the tools essential for success.

Ariel's niche in luxury river cruising stems from his own travel experiences and a passion for the unique charm of European river cruises. His upcoming plans for an adventurous expedition to Antarctica in 2024 exemplify his commitment to offering unique experiences to his clients.

For Ariel, Cruise Planners is more than a business opportunity; it's a community where he can share insights and learn from fellow franchisees. This sense of camaraderie and continuous learning has made his journey with Cruise Planners not just profitable but truly enriching.

In Ariel's words, Cruise Planners has enabled him to "sail beyond boundaries." His story stands as an inspiring example for those looking to transform their passion for travel into a successful and fulfilling career. To explore a variety of agents' stories and see how diverse backgrounds and passions converge in successful travel careers, visit our Cruise Planners’ Gallery. Embark on a rewarding voyage with Cruise Planners and chart your course to success.