FRANCHISING WEBINAR: 6 Best Practices to Accelerate Local Marketing for Your Franchise

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The International Franchise Association projects the market will continue to recover in 2021, with total franchise establishments growing at a rate of 3.5%. 

Consumers have increased their online time and spending, expecting brands to provide experiences that meet their more savvy post-Covid demands. According to Forrester, 61% of marketers say that localized marketing remains a largely untapped opportunity for their businesses.

In response to these moves, PromoRepublic has prepared a webinar for marketing leaders: 6 Best Practices to Accelerate Local Marketing for Your Franchise.

For this event, we invited Jeremy LaDuque, EVP of Franchise and National Brands at Bridgeline Digital, to share the latest trends and insights from the field.

Together with Raakkel Sims, VP of Customer Success & Partnerships 

at PromoRepublic, he'll explain how to approach and build a local marketing strategy for your franchise step by step. 

Main takeaways:

  • Changes in behaviors and algorithms have made local marketing imperative.
  • A franchisor should help its franchisees think and act locally to deliver contextual experiences. 
  • The crucial action to take for improving localized marketing is to clearly define localized marketing responsibilities. 
  • A hybrid management approach, in which both national teams and local stores participate, is best suited for multi location marketing success.
  • A resilient local marketing strategy can be based on 6 practices presented by our field experts.

If your franchise needs a marketing tool to ensure your every location has an on-brand digital presence and a strong reputation, visit  PromoRepublic today to learn more about how our solution can help consolidate your marketing stack, increase local engagement, improve brand experience, and track network results.


Enjoy the webinar!