Five Ways Franchises Can Find More Skilled Job Applicants

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According to IFA’s 2022 Labor Challenges Report, quality of labor is the most important recruiting challenge facing franchises today. 87.6% of survey participants reported franchisees having trouble finding skilled workers, with 21% having openings for skilled workers they had difficulty filling.

We’re certainly living in a challenging labor market. Still, there are some easy adjustments franchise businesses can make to their recruiting strategy that will help increase the applicant traffic of skilled workers franchise professionals are seeking.

Five Ways Franchises Can Find More Skilled Job Applicants

Skills Assessments

What way to get better-skilled applicants than to see what skills they have early in the hiring process? Skills assessments are used to narrow your candidate pool down to those truly suited for the position. Skills assessments allow employers to make data-driven decisions and provide a clear picture of employees’ skills and expertise.

Incorporate Asynchronous Video Interviews

The average job posting gets 250 applications, but only 2-3% of those actually interview, mainly due to scheduling and time constraints. Using asynchronous video interviews as the first step of the interview process dramatically expands the number of candidates you can initially hear from, broadening the chance that you don’t miss out on the skilled applicants who’ve applied to your open positions.

Applicant Pooling

Applicant pooling is a franchise recruiting software feature that allows you to share applicants across different job postings and locations within your account. This is an excellent tactic for multi-location businesses. If a skilled job applicant you could use at one location applies to another, you won’t miss out on that potential new employee with applicant pooling!

Post QR Codes in Your Locations

Who better to become your next enthusiastic team member than a current customer? You probably have many skilled potential employees coming in and out of your franchise location and don’t realize it. Advertise your open positions and include a QR code in your lobby or menus. 60% of job seekers quit an application process because it has too many barriers. A QR code in a place a job seeker already frequents is about as barrier-free as the application process gets.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is the perception of what it’s like to work at your company. Examples of employer branding could be anything from employer-produced collateral, social media postings, or employee success stories and reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Skilled employees have their picks of open roles these days and can afford to be picky. Today’s top job candidates also do their homework and will research what it’s like to work at your organization.

We recommend creating employee testimonials, either written or on video, which you can post to your job descriptions, career page, and social media channels. This is a great way for potential skilled employees to hear why your organization is a great place to work, straight from their potential future coworkers!

An Applicant Tracking System Can Help

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is recruiting software built to automate and streamline hiring. A private label applicant traffic system designed for franchises allows you to brand your solution, customize your workflows, or integrate them into your existing systems. A private label applicant tracking system also lets you templatize key recruitment components such as job descriptions and offer letters to ensure consistency across your organization.

Competitive applicant tracking systems will include all of the features and capabilities listed above, and 78% of ATS users report that ATS use has improved the quality of their hires!

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