Featured Franchisee: Carrie Turner, Restoration 1

Spotlight on People
carrie turner restoration 1

Since joining the Restoration 1 network in 2017, Cary, IL-based franchisee Carrie Turner has made a commitment to help her community beyond the restoration services her company provides.

She has continually looked for valuable ways to give back and to support a local charity that focuses on helping everyone, regardless of race or class. Recently, she was able to accomplish this by offering Restoration 1’s service trucks and workers to support the local Cary Grove Food Pantry. Her team helped deliver over 300 bags of clothing to a local consignment store, which then traded each pound of this clothing for money, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the food pantry.

carrie turner restoration 1

“Since joining the Restoration 1 network, I have worked hard to not only make sure the business is running smoothly, but also to find opportunities where I can give back to my local community. Being able to contribute to the Cary Grove Food Pantry is the least I can do during these times of uncertainty.”

For more information, visit https://www.restoration1.com/cary.


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