European Wax Center Gives Opportunities to Veterans

Operations & Training
Dani Patton

In July of this year, Pacific Bells began collaborating with the US Army and WorkEx-Camo to Commerce to create an internship program local to Joint Base Lewis-McCord in Washington state. Starting in August, European Wax Center hosted US Army Member Dani Patton (pictured above) as an EWC Intern, at one of their franchise locations in University Place, WA. Patton, who joined the US Army 10 years ago and serves as a cook, was looking to branch away from cooking to apply her extensive leadership skills elsewhere while learning business operations. EWC Veteran Recruiter (Franchise) Cecelia Cansino notes, “Our goal for the internship program and experience is really to set up Dani for success with the hopes to offer her a full-time position in the future. Dani’s decision to come onboard with EWC as an intern has helped pave the way for military talent at EWC.”

Despite having no previous experience, Patton’s military ability to lead by example, follow and implement protocols as well as procedures, communication skills, and level of discipline, was highly transferable to the daily duties within the center. During Patton’s 3-month program which just ended in October 2020, when asked about her experience she recalls, “My favorite part about the internship opportunity was having an opportunity to work on something outside of what I typically do regularly in the military. I was really excited to be able to learn something new.”  


EWC is honoring all of the men and women who serve our country, and recognizing members of service who are part of the European Wax Center family - some of which are listed below! 

Cecelia Cansino 
EWC Veteran Recruiter (Franchise), Pacific Northwest

U.S. Army veteran who served as a Staff Sergeant for 8 1/2 years. Cansino joined EWC to support veteran hiring. There are many opportunities for lower ranking service members, but less options for professional transitioning programs. This can make it difficult when transitioning from the military. Cansino helps pave the way for our service members by creating programs within EWC to make opportunities available to all ranks and skill levels.

Dani Patton
EWC Center Intern, Pacific Northwest

U.S. Army serving since 2010 as a cook. Patton learned about EWC through an internship program presentation that EWC hosted at her base. 

Although Patton had no prior experience, her leadership skills, discipline, and engaging personality stood out during her interview process with EWC. During the internship, Patton had a chance to work as a GSA and gained exposure to EWC center operations. She had the chance to train on Violet, create reservations, add new guests, and sell Wax Passes. 

"My favorite part about the internship was the opportunity to work on something outside of what I typically do in the military. I was excited to learn something new and connect with guests, " said Patton.” 

Cenita Williamson
EWC Franchisee, Newark, New Jersey

U.S. Army veteran who served for 4 years on active duty. Williamson worked in the JAG office, the Army's legal office, and had the pleasure of serving in Hawaii and Washington State.

Jessica Walker 
EWC Wax Trainer, Levittown, New York

U.S. Air Force veteran who served from 2013 - 2017 (4 years) as a Senior Airman. Walker joined after graduating high school and deployed to the Middle East for 7 months. Walker went to college with the Air Force to study Criminal Justice, and later became a Security Force Member, or an Air Force police officer.

Jeff Sprekelmeyer 
EWC Senior Network Engineer, Corporate

U.S. Marine veteran who served as a Corporal from 2002 - 2006 (4 years). Sprekelmeyer was deployed to Fallujah, Iraq, from 2005 - 2006 with the 8th Marine Regiment. Sprekelmeyer worked as a Radio Operator, Multi-channel Radio Operator, and a Satellite Radio Operator. Sprekelmeyer is proud to celebrate the Marine Corps 245th birthday today, Nov. 10!

Kim Basham 
EWC Senior Accountant, Corporate

U.S. Air Force veteran who served from 1989 -1993 (4 years). When Basham left the Air Force, she was a Senior Airman E-4. Basham spent most of her time stationed at Shaw Air Force base in South Carolina and was deployed to Dharan, Saudi Arabia, as part of Operation Desert Storm.

Jon Biggert 
EWC Supply Chain VP, Corporate

U.S. Army veteran who served from 1994 - 2004 (10 years) as a Captain.

Jonathan Harris 
EWC Supply Chain Specialist, Corporate

U.S. Navy veteran who served from 2011 - 2015 (4 years) aboard the submarine USS Topeka, as an E-5.


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